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Optimus RDA Review
optimus RDA
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Optimus RDA Review

The Optimus RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) has quite the looks and it’ll definitely make any PV (Personal Vaporizer) double in appearance. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers have pretty much taken the place of the typical atomizer that many are used to. The reason for this is, not only do you have the ability to rebuild a coil to a like new atomizer at mere pennies in cost, but also because you have RDA’s such as the Optimus – which you can adjust to your personal liking by twisting it to allow more airflow. Yes, the Optimus has adjustable airflow!

Upon receiving the Optimus, I was a bit hesitant at first and even through my first week of actually using the atomizer, I was unsure in its performance. I have never gotten into the whole rebuildable craze, so this probably wasn’t the best fit for my personal vaping style… or so I thought.

Optimus Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Admittedly, I had problems with the Optimus at first and to be quite honest, it was more frustration than I needed. So, I did like any other consumer, I contacted the company where I received it from, – Now, before receiving the Optimus, I was told that this little RDA became a huge hit at the MadVapes headquarters, and even the more advanced guys wouldn’t touch anything else after trying it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t receiving the same experience. After talking with Jason from MadVapes, he gave me a few tips that have completely changed my thought of this product and has given me a solid performing vape.

Just to save you some headache, let me forward those tips to you:
[jbox vgradient=”#d8d8d8|#ffffff” shadow=”7″ jbox_css=”border:4px solid #9d9d9d;” title=”Optimus RDA Tips”]

  1. Adjust the airflow. (May have to play with it a bit to get the best results)
  2. Make sure that the wick isn’t covering the airflow holes.
  3. Wrap the wick around the coil when putting the Optimus back together. (This will keep the wick at the bottom, where it’s needed)
  4. For best results, adjust to where the coil is by the airflow holes.
[/jbox] Those few tips may not seem like much, but they made a night and day difference for myself. I got a little over excited, so I made a video for you to see. 🙂


The Optimus produces huge amounts of vapor and has a nice and clean taste to it, much better than I’ve received in other standard atomizers. It sports 4 long wicks to make sure you get constant and steady flow of e-liquid to the coil. The coil comes pre-installed, which was great for me being as I don’t build coils nor plan to. The awesome part about this is, when I need a new coil, I have the option to build my own or purchase a pre-made coil from MadVapes. The coil that came with the Optimus is 2.0Ohm

(The Optimus didn’t come with an extra coil, so as soon as I can, I will get one of those and make a how-to for changing coils.)

The Optimus has three pieces.

  1. Top piece with air holes
  2. Center piece with the vent that lines up with the top piece
  3. Bottom piece with the coil that screws onto your device.

The top piece will swivel on the middle piece allowing you to adjust the air flow through your choice of 1 -5 of the holes on the top. The adjustable airflow on the Optimus is fantastic. After playing with it, you can find the best position for your personal taste. (I have 4 holes open, what about you?) – Cleaning the Optimus is also very easy. Each piece is held together by o-rings, not allowing anything to slip off because of the tight fit, but still allowing it just enough to turn easily.

Optimus Air Holes

Overall: The Optimus produces huge vapor, has custom and fine tuned airflow ability and the wicks soak up e-liquid like a sponge. The e-liquid feed is great and the performance is superb, what more can you ask for? – On top of it all, if you’re not into the whole rebuilding coils, the pre-made coils MadVapes offers for the Optimus makes this a seriously awesome purchase of a small $8.49 for the setup.

If you’re interested in the Optimus Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or would like to see other products like this, visit

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