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Iced Banana Mint E-Liquid Review
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Iced Banana Mint E-Liquid Review

This company in question has literally popped up out of no where. About a month ago is when I first heard or noticed them, and then boom, the shelves of many great companies that I personally use are being filled with this “eVo E-Liquid”. And, now I see why.

eVo is a new brand of e-liquid made by Nicopure Labs. Before we talk about the actual e-liquid, I want to tell you about this label first.

Already, they’ve given off a unique brand, but the quality needs to be there as well. This is why I’ve quickly grown to respect this company – The front of the label is the eVo logo with slogan “e-liquid evolved” and the back is perfectly executed for customers. It has the flavor of the e-liquid, the nicotine strength, the size of the bottle, a batch number and a best by date. Including the batch number and best by date shows me this company takes quality control seriously and pretty much self-regulating. In addition, below that they include a warning and list the ingredients.

Now for the e-liquid… This Iced Banana Mint is a very unique flavor. It has the taste of a banana popsicle with the slight hint of mint. This may sound like an off pair for e-liquid and I thought the same, but after trying it, I have yet to put it down. I’m already a fan of the banana flavor (and this is the banana flavor that you get from a popsicle, not a pudding), but the cool mint sets this e-liquid on top and makes it shine. On the inhale you get a hint of the mint on your tongue, but the exhale ┬áis blasting with banana flavor and the coolness from the mint hits the roof of your mouth. It’s something that is hard to put into words and receives its justice when you actually try it.

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Running through my 2.2Ohm eVod and set at the highest of 5V on the eVic, the flavor is pretty strong, but lacks throat hit. So for those of you who require it, you may want to try a different flavor or pair this flavor with a different setup than what I’m using. I’m sure a 1.8Ohm coil would be a noticeable difference.

Vapor production on the other hand, I’m producing a lot of it. I tried looking on the Nicopure website, but all I got was a “coming soon…” message, so I’m going to guess this is a 60/40 mix.The liquid doesn’t seem to be very thick, has a darker orange color and has a delicious taste.

How Did I Like It? Overall it was a slamming cool flavor. The banana is a strong flavor, but the coolness from the mint really makes this combination sparkle for a mouth-watering taste. And, just how I like it, minimal throat hit and large vapor clouds. I definitely recommend you trying this flavor.

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