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Users Play Poker To Win E-Cig Prizes
Electronic Cigarette News
Electronic Cigarette News

Users Play Poker To Win E-Cig Prizes

Beneath the midst of a large and continually growing  social news website, Reddit – there is a subreddit for vapers. This subreddit isn’t for talking about who has the best and latest device, but it’s for a different way electronic cigarette users can interact, like a game that originated in the 1700’s… Poker! /r/ecrpoker

I found this subreddit to be quite interesting, and so much that I wanted to tell you about it…

/r/ecrpoker is a subreddit for electronic cigarette users to play poker together and win e-cig related prizes from held tournaments. Our online community is filled with e-cig related discussions, talking about devices, the best flavors and the latest accessories. But, who said we couldn’t have fun too?

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This little shout out was for those at /r/ecrpoker. Thanks for keeping vapers involved and together. See ya around! – GuideToVaping

Reddit Username: GuideToVaping

PokerStars Username: Blake_GTV

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