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iSmoka BCC Mega Clearomizer Review

The iSmoka Bottom Coil Changeable “Mega”  Clearomizer is a bombshell piece of e-cigarette hardware when it comes to appearance, but the ultimate question is, can it follow in the path of the latest and greatest BCC’s that have recently created a boom throughout the market?

The iSmoka clearomizer (VapeOnly clone) looks fantastic. It amazes me at how much these tanks are progressing in the appearance department. Used to it was all about having the chromed out end caps,evic_ismoka and these days it’s moved towards having a solid black bottom cap, larger in size to hold the bottom coil and even the brand name adds a bit of professionalism to the tank as well. The mouth piece that comes with the iSmoka can be replaced with a drip tip, which will also be a great addition.

When it comes to quality, the iSmoka BCC is definitely in the same path as other popular bottom coil tanks. The large bottom cap is made of metal and easily screws off for changing coils or refilling with e-liquid. The clear blue-tinted tube/tank is plastic and the top cap matches the bottom being metal also. This tank holds 3.5ml of e-liquid, comes with 3 bottom coils (1.8, 2.2, & 2.5) and is 510 compatible (drip tip and thread pattern). To add to my likes towards this tank, the bottom male 510 connector is sealed.

Appearance, Good!, Quality, Good! – But what about the performance?

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Performance is key to any tank, but I’ve become more picky with them because of being spoiled with the latest BCC clearomizers. If they’re not up to par with an EVOD, they’re just not worth it in my opinion. Luckily for the iSmoka clearomizer, it happens to exceed in places where the EVOD doesn’t. Just like with every other bottom coil changeable that I’ve used and have reviewed, the top wick has to be removed to allow more e-liquid and get a solid and consistent vape. When I got the iSmoka, out of habit I pulled out the coil (the coil came pre-installed) to remove a wick like normal. Sadly,ismoka clearomizer coils my man hands weren’t enough, so I figured I would just give it a shot without removing the wick (I was planning to try the first coil with the wick removed and another coil without removing it). Surprisingly, it performed great. Now, we’re not talking the best, but it definitely can be compared to the more popular BCC’s in the market. For me, the iSmoka exceeds the EVOD in the fact that with an EVOD, I personally have to remove the top wick for it to wick properly.

It produced a good amount of vapor and seemed to have a slightly tighter draw on it than other BCC’s. There isn’t really anything I can say about the tank that I dislike. It performs very well, looks outstanding on my eVic and holds quite a bit of e-liquid at one time.

Quick Note: At only $12.99, it’s crazy to not take advantage of this deal. The vape you get from using the iSmoka BCC is well worth the low price.

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