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Fresh Honey Badger E-Liquid Review
fresh honey badger
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Fresh Honey Badger E-Liquid Review

For the flavor, I can’t quite place it, but the fruit and floral notes blend together for a very pleasant vape. It has a long-lasting flavor that is full, without being overly heavy. This is one e-liquid I could vape all day!

The throat hit is the only place where I was disappointed, but that probably has more to do with the 12MG sample than anything else. It’s kinda sorta there, but could be stronger.

As far as vapor, there was a good amount of vapor production from this Juicy Vapor eJuice, especially paired with my fresh Boge 1.5Ohm cartomizer. Also, sitting at 7 Watts on the fully charged VAMO v2.


Conclusion: I can confidently recommend this Fresh Honey Badger from Juicy Vapor, as a light summer vape, for the fruit lover in all of us. The only concern I might add is on the throat hit, but I’m sure the higher nicotine levels would help that along. I’m usually a 24mg vaper.

If you’re interested in Juicy Vapor’s Fresh Honey Badger, visit

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