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A New Tobacco Tax May Give E-Cigarettes A Boost
Electronic Cigarette News
Electronic Cigarette News

A New Tobacco Tax May Give E-Cigarettes A Boost

A soon to be increase in Minnesota’s tobacco cigarette tax is pushing interest towards electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking.

“Shop owners in the Twin Cities are seeing increased demand in so-called ‘ecigs’, says a Minnesota Public Radio. They go on to saying that the $1.60 per-pack tax increase will go into effect for regular tobacco cigarettes next week.

Electronic Cigarette shops are popping up left and right in the area, such as the Uptown Vapor Shoppe. The owner Sina War says she just opened the shop just two months ago as well as opening a second location in Maplewood last weekend. Other outlets have opened up shop in the recent years also.

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Consumers are saying that they like being able to get a nicotine fix without inhaling tobacco smoke.

However, some skeptics say that e-cigarettes are still unhealthy, and some are calling on the FDA to play a stronger role in regulating them.

In my opinion, these skeptics are retarded and should start keeping up with the rapidly growing and on-going proof that is being provided in studies produced for electronic cigarettes before making claims that they can not back. That is all.

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