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World Health Organization Says Ecigs Are Worse Than Tobacco Cigarettes

world health organizationThe World Health Organization or “WHO”, says that electronic cigarettes are worse than tobacco cigarettes. A technical officer for WHO said this in an interview with the Philippines news station. Their reasoning? – Get this… electronic cigarettes do not have filters and therefore, nicotine is going straight to the lungs entirely unrestrained.

Thanks to Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos (of for the share.

Electronic Cigarettes need to be registered and regulated with high level controls because of this danger and other constituents that might be found in the products. – Says Dr. Florante Trinidad of the Western Pacific regional branch of the World Health Organization.

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Though Dr. Trinidad’s statement may not represent all those within the organization, it certainly doesn’t give off a wise nor knowledgeable appearance. In fact, the statement is completely bogus being that anyone whom has performed any research on tobacco cigarettes will know that it isn’t the nicotine that is the source to complications, it’s the smoke they produce.

This is a previously-unheard statement. For the first time, a WHO official is publicly and directly suggesting to e-cigarette users (vapers) that it is safer to go back to tobacco cigarettes. Everyone who has seen this video got the same impression. The biggest issue is that this statement is scientifically false, misleading and dangerous for the health of e-cigarette users who may be intimidated and relapse to smoking. – Says Dr. Farsalinos

To read more on Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos argument, you can see it here.

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  • This is about as stupid as trying to ban ecigs because they look too much like real cigarettes. I have only had a cigar in a year and half and didn’t enjoy it because it gave me ash tray mouth. Guess big tobacco is getting mad cuz vaping and killing their customers is cutting into their profits so they go and pay people to lie as always.

    • i have smoked for 20 years. i got to the party late, at 24. now, at 50, i have tried everything to stop the habit. it is more addicting than alcohol by far. patches, gum, hypnotism worked for a while. now i am vaping. i am worried, but it is by far better than tobacco. I would look at Dr. Trinidad’s bank account and see which Big Tobacco company sponsors him. no one in their right mind would suggest going back to tobacco for any reason. i think i’d rather take my chances with five chemicals than the 1200 in tobacco. it is not the tobacco that is killing everyone, it is the additives of chemicals by Big Tobacco that hurts. anyone who suggests we go back to tobacco is either on the payroll, or is insane.

  • Says the web page with nothing but ecigg adds all over it……. the true fact is eciggs have PG in them also known has propylene glycol and it is a level 4 toxic, that’s 6 points away from rat killer and also the same chemical in antifreeze. just think about it, we all have parents and love ones who have been smoking for 60 years without catching cancer. Now with that being said, do you really want to be the rats in there maybe death ecigg trails. And all I know is my chest never hurt this bad why smoking normal tobacco……………. I have smoke eciggs for 3 or 4 years and just went back to normal tobacco and will not turn back.

    • What’s the ads have anything to do with this new report? There are ads on every website, that’s how they operate smart one. Anyhow, we’re already quite aware of what’s in the liquid we use, but obviously you haven’t been informed enough. I’m shared this info countless times and if you can’t research it for yourself, both on this site or another, don’t. However, I don’t know what world you’ve been living in, but there are thousands upon thousands of smokers that die each day due to cancer that was caused by smoking – many of them not even making it to their 60’s. If you’re going back to tobacco cigarettes, that’s all you, but I for one rather use an alternative to tobacco, something that I know is safer, something that has been PROVEN to be 95% safer, something that doesn’t make me cough up a lung every 5 seconds, something that doesn’t harm my kids, something that doesn’t contain more than 4,000 chemicals. If you’re going back to tobacco, you’re fucking up. Nothing more I can say… make your own choice, but you’ll also deal with the consequences.



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