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Strawberry Peach Freeze E-Liquid Review
strawberry peach freeze e-liquid
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Strawberry Peach Freeze E-Liquid Review

Strawberry Peach Freeze: Product Description

Our Pride and Joy, this juice is the ultimate all day vape for fruit lovers. Our Strawberry, Peach, Menthol blend is smooth and delicious, with a cooling taste left on the exhale. We have a hard time keeping this one in stock, since it is a favorite among our staff. It’s a truly unique blended juice, and you won’t find a taste like it anywhere else.

Just like the description says, this strawberry peach freeze e-liquid is an ultimate all day vape for fruit lovers. The strawberry and peach blend is absolutely delicious; the menthol that surrounds it only adds to its tasteful flavor. The freeze is an excellent addition to this mix, giving off a cool additive on both the inhale and exhale. However, I’m not exactly fond of the exact menthol flavor used. It doesn’t necessarily override the flavors, it just isn’t the best menthol I’ve tried. The mix itself and the ‘coolness’ to it is a great taste though and I wouldn’t mind revisiting it.


The throat hit is decent, but like I said in many of my reviews, the EVOD I currently use just doesn’t do some e-liquids its justice. In a low resistance atomizer or such, I’m sure the throat hit would be a little more noticeable. For me, it’s perfect where it’s at on my 2.2Ohm EVOD.

The vapor production is excellent. I’ve looked over the site and couldn’t find what the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixture is. I produced nice vapor clouds though, with an EVOD and 5 volts on an eVic.

Overall: The flavor was great, but the menthol could have been better. Little to no throat hit, just like I like. Vapor production was great, but the site didn’t offer any ingredients used to make the product, which can be improved. When I purchase e-liquid, I want to know exactly what I’m purchasing; what the pg/vg ratio is, if it requires steeping.

Note: The bottle does specify that the e-liquid does contain ingredients used, but not the ratio.

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