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CleverVape – Peanut Buddha E-Liquid Review
Peanut Buddha E-Liquid Review
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CleverVape – Peanut Buddha E-Liquid Review

Today I will be reviewing Peanut Buddha at 18mg nicotine strength from Used for this Peanut Buddha e-liquid review was a LavaTube and a low-resistance atomizer. CleverVape describes this juice as a smooth peanut butter and banana sandwich. The juice arrived in a glass bottle with a dropper.


After opening the bottle and smelling it quite a few times it pretty much smells like banana laffy taffy. The taste of the flavor is exactly as they claim, just as if you were eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich. The peanut butter seems more subtle compared to the banana but you can taste them both. After vaping it for a little while it definitely taste more like peanut butter on the inhale. On the exhale you get a blast of banana with the peanut butter. It leaves a bit of after taste mainly as if I just ate a banana.

Throat hit

This e-liquid has a nice smooth punch to it when it comes to throat hit. It’s not harsh at all but there is a good amount of throat hit still and a very smooth one at that.


Vapor Production

The vapor production this e-liquid gives off is pretty good as well. There isn’t a whole lot but you will still get a decent size cloud of vapor. I’d say it’s in between a lot and a little, so about average.


Overall CleverVape did a pretty good job with this e-liquid. The flavor could use a little more peanut butter I think, it’s very subtle compared to the banana but still a good job producing a peanut butter and banana sandwich flavor. The throat hit is about average between harsh and light I’d say, a nice smooth one too. The liquid gives off plenty of vapor production as well. If you like peanut butter or banana flavored liquids I’d definitely recommend you to give this liquid a try. More so for banana lovers because it definitely overpowers the peanut butter with this one.

If you’re interested in purchasing this e-liquid you can do so here:



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