AEMSA Returns to the FDA for Second Session
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AEMSA Returns to the FDA for Second Session

In the most recent AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) news, on March 21, 2013 – AEMSA went before the FDA and introduced them to AEMSA’s Structure, Membership, Mission, Standards, Science behind the Standards (SME presentations), how the Standards are applied by their General Members in their facilities and our Inspections (both scheduled and unscheduled).  Clearly, by the very nature of AEMSA, these were all directly in relation to Re-Fillable E-liquids and the manufacturing processes.

That “Listening Session” was big for not only AEMSA, but for the industry overall. It gave the FDA a more clear picture of the direction we as vapers want the industry to become and shows that we want better for it as well. We want a set of standards for e-liquid manufacturers to practice. That session with AEMSA meant so much, yet they still lack product knowledge. So, AEMSA returned to the FDA for a second session.

On July 12, 2013 – AEMSA returned to the FDA for a 2nd “session”. For this second “Listening Session”, the AEMSA team brought a representative collection of sample hardware products (examples of the most common spectrum).


“We presented on the evolution, application(s) and contributions these products make towards efficacy.”

Product samples were made available for FDA representatives to see in both sealed packaging (as sold) and open for hands-on direct viewing.

“We believe that for the FDA to understand these products, they needed to see and learn about them with direct and actual physical interaction.”

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Now for AEMSA’s second session with the FDA, which is awesome in itself just to present this type of material to them, they are showing the FDA first hand, the products that we all use, the e-liquid, tanks, atomizers, cartomizers and even advanced personal vaporizers. The FDA will not only be enlightened about electronic cigarette products as a whole, but they’ll see a side to electronic cigarettes that have helped make them become so popular.

Trust me, this is one you’ll definitely want to read.

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