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Discount UK Launches £1 Electronic Cigarette
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Discount UK Launches £1 Electronic Cigarette

The Yorkshire-based firm, Poundworld, has launched what they claim is the first disposable electronic cigarette for £1 – which equals to about $1.50 in US dollars.

The astonishingly cheap disposable e-cig is branded Ezi-cig and it went on sale at Discount UK’s chain of 40 plus stores.

Discount UK is expecting a very high demand for the disposable e-cig, so they’re initially limiting purchases to 12 per customer. The e-cig will be stocked behind the stores registers and only available to adults over the age of 18.


“We’ve been working on this product for over 2 years and after much research and development, we are so excited to be able to bring it to the market for the incredible price of £1,” said trading director Chris Edwards Junior.

The retailer is marketing the product as an affordable option for smokers wanting to kick the habit.

$1.50 – How do they do it? There couldn’t be much of a profit to make with that kind of price. If this was offered in the US, there would be an explosion of new e-cigarette users I would assume. Imagine taking a trip to a local dollar store for a handful of e-cigs to last you throughout the month. #vapemuch?

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