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MadVapes Sponsors Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013
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MadVapes Sponsors Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013

MadVapes sponsors Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2013 yearly online event. With the sponsorship, a new category and its awards are introduced.

As many of you may know, Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” has turned into one of the online e-cig communities most anticipated online events. The yearly event that debuted in 2011 has become a way for the community to voice their opinion on what the best and who’s the best in the electronic cigarette world.

What started as a small poll system to recognize those within the community, such as products, vendors and people, turned into a massive informative base to help new e-cigarette users learn what the best products are to purchase and gives vendors an idea of what they need to stock. In addition, the poll system also adds a bit of competition to the mix, influencing vendors to strive for success.

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This year, MadVapes, a highly popular electronic cigarette company will be sponsoring the online event. Because of the sponsorship, Guide To Vaping will be adding a new category to the Best of 2013 – “The Best of 2013”, an overall position that will be judged by the community. The category will have 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

What’s different with this category is that instead of being known for one specific thing, they’ll be known for exceeding at everything. In addition to the new category, the 3 winners will receive an actual award that will allow the companies to display at their store location.

Here’s a picture of The Best of 2013 awards:


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