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Regulation Is Needed

The regulation of electronic cigarettes have become a sort of monster in the closet that we all fear in some way. It isn’t the fear of the Food and Drug Administration being involved, it’s the knowing of what could possibly become. It’s a scare to know that what we’ve built, an industry, the market that propels it and everything involving it could come tumbling into a direction we’ve never imagined. We’ve guided this massively growing beast into what it is, but to think that everything we’ve worked for, the movements we endured and the feedback we’ve voiced could all be flipped is terrifying.

Though regulation being such a scare, I personally feel that it is needed to some extent. The electronic cigarette industry has provided so many with jobs and businesses, but is it always in the right hands? – Young adults and those who lack knowledge of the ingredients that make up e-liquid are quick to start their over-night e-cigarette business. We’ve had reports of e-liquid vendors mixing e-liquid they sell in unsanitary ways, vendors using various ways to measure nicotine that isn’t necessarily accurate and even from my own personal account, a vaper of only a few months asking me for advice for their soon to be e-liquid store.

It gives me great joy in knowing that this industry has provided so many opportunities for so many people, yet it saddens me to know that just anyone can mix e-liquid and distribute it around the world.

I believe in the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) because it lets electronic cigarette users know for sure that the company that they’re buying from has been inspected and are verified to have not only a safe workplace, but a sanitary workplace as well. It provides a way for you to know that the companies that are members, do in fact use good manufacturing practices and isn’t just an over-night get rich quick scheme.

Many blogs and forums won’t come out and bluntly say this because they don’t want the wrong people to catch wind of it, but I personally feel regulation is needed for the concerns stated above. Right now, there is no authority, no rules and allows anyone to do as they please, no matter how unsanitary or inaccurate it is… and that needs to change.

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Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.


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  • I totally disagree that uncle Sam needs to regulate this industry. As you pointed out AEMSA has set great standards and if consumers can if they choose only buy from AEMSA certified companies. This industry was built by the very people that regulations could force out and we need to remember that. I have been in brick and mortar shops all over the country and many lounges make juice to order. Is this not sanitary because it’s not made in a clean room without goggles and a white coat? When I go to a restaurant my food is made the same way, to order. This does not make it unsanitary. Government regulation will take away everything we as vapers love about this industry and hand it right over to big tobacco.

    • That isn’t what I’m saying though. I think regulation is needed because anyone can make e-liquid and distribute it. In other words, someone that has no clue about nicotine can purchase and sell it throughout the world.

      Just because a company makes e-liquid to order, doesn’t wear a lab coat and goggles doesn’t imply that their operation is unsanitary. Restaurants do not use lab coats, but they must make their food on stainless steel tables and such. I don’t know what exactly is involved with restaurants, but I do know with e-liquid there should be a type of set standard like what AEMSA has implemented.

      Whether it’s AEMSA or the FDA, there needs to be a set of standards applied to all e-liquid manufacturers. I do fear the role big tobacco will play when the federal regulation of electronic cigarettes come. I guess we’ll know within the coming months. May luck be on our side.

  • I Agree, I do think some regulation is needed. Mainly with e-liquids since anyone can pretty much start making it an an obscure garage lab with no previous knowledge and sell it.

  • Hi,
    Not regulations per se! more of a guide lines is needed. something like the health department, call it “the vape department” if you like 😀
    we also would like to urge your followers to support any of the following:
    SFATA — The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association
    The American Vaping Association
    National Federation of Independent Business
    Together we can win.



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