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Study Finds E-Cigarettes As Good As The Patch
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Study Finds E-Cigarettes As Good As The Patch

In a recent study to test the value of e-cigarette as a quitting aid found them to be as good as a nicotine patch. Sadly, in this particular study, there wasn’t enough people to say they’re a good bet for quitting. The good thing is, we already know they are. 🙂

Electronic cigarettes have quickly grown from its infant stages in such a short period of time. However, within that short time, there have been many health officials concerned for the use of the devices.

But e-cigarettes may be as good as the patch when it comes to stop-smoking aids, according to the study.


Smokers who used e-cigarettes to quit traditional cigarettes did about as well at stopping smoking as the people who tried the patch. After six months, 7.3 percent of e-cig users had dropped traditional cigarettes, compared to 5.8 percent of people wearing the patch.

“What we couldn’t show is that [e-cigarettes are] definitely superior to nicotine patches,” says Christopher Bullen, an associate professor at the University of Auckland who led the research. He and his colleagues figured that the e-cigarettes would be much more successful, based on consumer surveys showing that people were less than pleased with the patch.

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