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the vapers of 2013

The Vapers of 2013

We’re the one’s who were here for the fancy Protank, Protank 2 and beloved EVOD. The bottom coil changeable masters, modders and mixers.

We were here to witness the start of tobacco companies bombarding our industry, introducing today’s commercials and yesterdays devices.

We were the voice of the eVic and the cause of an update.

We were the influence of many ecig shops, while also being the demise of others.

We’re the ones who watched the ecig industry exceed $1 billion and the ones who contributed to it.

We were here when Playboy created a line of e-cig products, instead of an erection.

We are the vapers of 2013.

Are you a vaper of 2013? Add to this in the comments below!

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  • and then, there were the wanna be’s, the ones that, hung onto the coattails of all the e-cigs fame and fortunes. Because the manufacturing of real tobacco industries figured on why let the little guy bombard the cig industries, they had to chimed right in there and now are too manufacturing e-cigs along with real tobacco cigarettes. Were trying to make a difference in cleaning up the mess in which they originally created by making this world become a breath of fresh air.

  • We barely supported CASAA, we sluggishly voiced our opinions to representatives to sway a vote, we STILL don’t have paid lobbyists like big tobacco and pharma do, some shops/states hit “fad level extreme” and are building sub ohms for noobs on a mod with no protection while providing crap batteries and no instruction or warning,. 2013 saw an increase in the propagation of canned lies and misinformation by the media and our politicians. 2013 was a battle for vapers in many states, and it’s a battle that will keep on growing. 2014 needs to be the year of OUR voice. OUR war on bad science, lies and harmful agenda. …can I get a hell yes?

    Vape on!




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