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Frozen Lime Drop E-Liquid Review
frozen lime drop eliquid
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Frozen Lime Drop E-Liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a bottle of Frozen Lime Drop from Pink Spot Vapors. For this review, I’ll be using a fresh 2.2 coil inside an EVOD. To power it all, I’m using a fully charger AW IMR 18650 inside my wonderful eVic. The E-Liquid nicotine strength is of course at my preferred 18mg.

PSV Site Description

This flavor is a combination of the sweet and sour taste of a Lime Drop, with the perfect amount of cool menthol.


Frozen Lime Drop follows in the line of all other Pink Spot Vapors flavors I’ve tried. And, I know this sounds repetitive, but I can’t help but to mention it in each review of PSV juice I do… simply because it’s good. This particular flavor tastes just like the description says. I get a sweet and sour taste from the lime and the additive of menthol makes this flavor one of my favorite. It also has this slight taste similar to a Mountain Dew drink. Once again, thumbs up on the quality and flavor.


Throat Hit

I’m getting a slight throat hit, nothing too weak, but not nearly as strong as some would hope. As I’ve said in other reviews, I believe I’ve become immune to throat hits in this bottles of e-liquid.

Vapor Production

PSV uses an average ratio of 60% VG and 40% PG, so that adds to the reason of the outstanding vapor production each time I’ve reviewed them. You would think that by the old saying of more PG equals more flavor and less vapor, but with PSV that isn’t the case. They use more VG, you get a lot of vapor, while the flavor is still very much noticeable.


I’ve tried many Pink Spot Vapors flavors and each and every one has been an amazing vape. The quality of the e-liquid is perfect, the flavors are great and the vapor production is more than enough. That said, I couldn’t be any happier to recommend this Frozen Lime Drop e-liquid.

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