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Australia To Ban Smoking If E-Cigs Proven Safe
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Australia To Ban Smoking If E-Cigs Proven Safe

In recent news, Australia is considering a smoking ban if the nation can prove that e-cigs are safe.

Smoking is obviously dangerous and has been under the spotlight for many years as being a serious health hazard to not only you, but to everybody else around you as well. With that said, the nation of Australia is hoping to ban cigarettes based on the idea that they contain poisonous substances which endanger the public’s health and potentially start fires.

However, they’re not leaving smokers stranded. They’re actually looking into giving smokers the option of switching to e-cigs to making quitting altogether easier.

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This isn’t anything new though, the battle to make cigarettes illegal has been in the works for decades, as lobbyists and medical experts have been attempting to get the Australia smoking ban underway.

It is yet unproven whether or not the e-cigarette is any safer, but that’s what federally funded research is looking to conclude.

Now, if e-cigs offer no health risks (less than traditional cigarettes), then the Australia smoking ban could very well become law.

Though I don’t nessicarily agree with forcing anyone to quit, this could be just the ticket the world needs to eliminate the massive leading amount of preventable deaths each year. If this smoking ban becomes a law in Australia, expect the e-cig industry to surpass the tobacco industry much sooner than analysts have predicted.

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  • Hi, your post is factually inaccurate. The story this is based off had a terribly misleading headline. This is not doing vaping any favours.

    The Australian government never funded the study (it is independently funded) and the government was neutral if not vaguely hostile towards vaping.

    Vaping is hard enough as is in Australia, perpetuating misinformation is not doing our community any favours.

    • I don’t have the time to go back and edit each news article I publish. If there is an update to this topic, please feel free to inform us here in the comments section. Thanks!



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