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Tropical Punch E-Liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a bottle of Tropical Punch e-liquid from Pink Spot Vapors. I’ll be using my regularly used 2.1Ohm EVOD and powered by an eVic at 5 volts.¬†This particular bottle is at my preferred 18mg. Upon my request, the Tropical Punch E-Liquid came “On the rocks”, which means menthol was added. Pink Spot Vapors (PSV) described the flavor by saying “the¬†distinctive Tropical Punch Flavor single-handedly saved the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona.” – I’m not really sure what that means exactly, but to sum things up, it’s a Punch flavor obviously.


With this particular flavor, the menthol overrides the Tropical Punch taste for me. The menthol is much louder in this flavor than in any of the other Pink Spot Vapors flavors I’ve tried. Though it does override it, the punch flavor is still some-what noticeable. It’s a delicious flavor – maybe something I would like to taste without the menthol on my next run.

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Throat Hit

This one is smooth, with a slight but noticeable throat hit. It’s a lot like many of the other Pink Spot Vapors e-liquids I’ve tried.

Vapor Production

Again, like all other Pink Spot Vapors, this Tropical Punch gives off a lot of vapor. Pink Spot Vapors uses an average 60% VG and 40% PG mix, so that is a good explanation. In addition, running 5 volts on a 2.1Ohm EVOD coil helps as well.


Overall, Tropical Punch is a delicious flavor and though the bottle that I ordered “On the rocks” was a little overpowering, it still made for a solid and delicious menthol vape. I would like to try this flavor without menthol so that I can endure the full flavor Tropical Punch has to offer. Like many PSV flavors, this one is at the top of list.

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