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The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group

Out of nowhere, there has been a “group” formed. This group being called Electronic Cigarette Industry Group or short ECIG didn’t emerge at a slow pace by no means.

What is the “Electronic Cigarette Industry Group” exactly?

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc. is a non-profit 501c6 association of consumers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of electronic cigarettes. ECIG supports a ban on Internet sales or at a minimum, strengthening federal regulations to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of children. – ECIG About Page

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What gets me about this group is how quickly they’ve formed. Who’s behind them? – I’m speculating that this group is formed of industry leading and more commercialized electronic cigarette companies, such as the ones who are already in stores; hence the supporting of an Internet sales ban. Digging deeper, Finiti or as most of us know as FIN Electronic Cigarettes has relatively the same color preference for their websites. In addition, FIN also states that it supports the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group. (You’ll notice a FIN advertisement at the top of ECIG’s website as well)

Now remember, this is only speculation and could possibly be the exact opposite of what I believe. Klause Kneale from Ecig Advanced recently published an article asking “Who Is The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group?” – You can view that interesting article here.

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