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Fast Tech: Extreme E-Cig Deals

Fast Tech is a China supplier of many categories. They sell anything from tablets, helicopters, to electronic cigarettes. Being that it’s a huge glory hole of China made products, prices are super low.

Though many of you are unaware of this extreme deals website, other vapers are raking in the deals and saving a lot of money. Fast Tech follows in the line of other sites, like NewEgg and Deal Extreme, except that Fast Tech also includes an “e-cigarette” category.

Fast Tech is the website other e-cig vendors don’t want you to know about. You’re dealing directly with the suppliers, causing no huge markup.

However, don’t get too jumbled looking throughout all the product. You have to be careful, because not everything is a deal. For example, you can go a normal online e-cig shop and get a 5-pack of Kanger EVOD Coils for around $6.50, but they’re listed on Fast Tech for $6.78. The deals you want to really look for is something like the Protank – On a normal online e-cig shop, you can get a Protank for about $17-$18. On Fast Tech, you can get it for $12. That being said, make sure to compare prices.

What I love most about Fast Tech is the product options you rarely see anywhere else. Fast Tech has a lot of “doo-dads” as I call them.

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If you’re not the type that has to have name brand products or brand name specific, then that’s when you’ll really get the deals. The X9 Protank is a clone of the original, but get this, it only costs $4.95 (Protank 2 is only 8.95 on Fast Tech) – to make it even better, you can use Kanger coils with it (from what I’ve been told).

Want to enter the world of mods, but don’t want to pay the high prices? Check this price on the bolt!


Take advantage of the deals! Click here:


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  • Please do some research on the web, read some reviews, watch some vid reviews on YouTube… you’ll start to figure out that what Fast Tech sells is unreliable and unpredictable “clone” products. Some buyers have been lucky enough to receive gear that works, but many others complain of obvious defects and overall poor quality. I did enough research to learn that many users received gear that stopped working after the first day, threaded connectors that were stripped or wouldn’t fit what they were supposed to fit, legitimate manufacturers who don’t sell to Fast Tech and are livid that Fast Tech is counterfeiting their products and using their brand names… etc., etc.

    Remember the tried-and-true old adage, “you get what you pay for”, and buyer beware.

    • This is very true. If you want for sure quality and a backing, it should come from a reputable company that isn’t known for dishing out the clones. However, if you’re wanting a deal, it can be found at Fast Tech. That isn’t saying what you purchase will be bad or good quality. Sometimes it’s luck of the draw. I posted about Fast Tech, because it’s a way for people to afford vape gear that they usually couldn’t.

      This is my personal opinion though: What’s a few dollars more to know that you’re getting the original, that’s been tested and reviewed, and not some clone with poor threading etc. The same goes with e-liquid… I can pay $5 all day and get decent e-liquid from many vendors, but I choose to pay $10 for that same size, just because I feel that it’s of better quality and flavors suit my personal taste requirement.

      As Brian said, read reviews and research first. Then make your call.

  • I hate Fasttech. I cant comment on other people’s experience. And maybe if you got what you ordered, your good! but that wasnt my experience. I just filed a dispute with them on Paypal. I bought some atomizers on Sept 26, 2013. Here is a summary of messages exchanged with fasttech. this was submitted as part of my paypal dispute and is directed towards fasttech. I think this discussion, shows there competency, and quality of customer service. Im not telling anyone not to order, but this was my experience.

    On 10/23 – I asked why I had not received my item. 27 calendar days, and 19 business days after purchase.

    On 10/25 – you blamed it on HK Post (when i know the item was delivered by Singapore Post). I replied that the item was in Canada, and asked you to contact Canada Post.

    On 10/28 – you confirmed item was in Canada and asked me to pick it up. I replied on 11/04 (28 business days after) indicating the item was at a warehouse and cannot be picked up. I also asked for a refund.

    On 11/06 – you replied that you cannot give a refund yet. And the item is on the way. On 11/06 I said that was not acceptable. i warned i would file a complaint with paypal.

    On 11/09 – you said it was out of your control, taking no accountability. you said you filled a form to track my package. On 11/13, I relied saying your still accountable and give me a refund.

    On 11/15 – You denied me a refund again. On 11/15 i said the item was delivered by Singapore post, and asked how long to track.

    On 11/19 You said still no reply form HK Post. On 11/27 I reminded you that it had been 60 calendar days.

    On 11/30 You asked me to confirm the mailing address. On 12/02 I confirmed the mailing address.

    12/04 You asked me to determine if the item was rejected by my country. On 12/04 I said that was your job. But told you that Canada Post did confirm the item was cleared by customs. I also said you stole my money.

    On 12/07 you asked for more time. On 12/08 I said okay.

    On 12/10 You said SINGAPORE POST confirmed the item was on the way to Canada. On 12/11, 55 business days and 76 calendar days after, I am filing a complaint with pay pal

  • May 19th I ordered two batteries and two 30 ml bottles of vaping liquid from you via pay pal. The charge was taken from my account but as yet I have not received this merchandise. What happened

    • That’s unfortunate, Pamela. However, you are commenting on the wrong website about your order. This is Guide To Vaping, a blog, not FastTech, which is where I assume you purchased your products. I suggest you contact FastTech about your order. Just a tip, when you order from FastTech, the order will take quite a while being that it’s in China. You can check your order details in your account on FastTech.



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