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V2 Cigs Creates Open Letter To Officials
Electronic Cigarette News
Electronic Cigarette News

V2 Cigs Creates Open Letter To Officials

As a last chance effort, VMR (V2 Cigs Creator) creates an open letter to elected officials and regulators.

The letter (in a .pdf format) covers 3 popular myths about electronic cigarettes, such as “Electronic cigarettes are just like tobacco cigarettes”. These myths have been covered many times, so VMR isn’t saying anything we haven’t already. However, it’s the pull they have behind them since they are a leading electronic cigarette company in this industry that makes this open letter so prominent.

The letter starts off saying:

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These days, most discussions about electronic cigarettes center on potential regulations to treat them as tobacco cigarettes. The critics of the electronic cigarette, had they been around in 1879, would have claimed there is no difference between a candle and Edison’s groundbreaking light bulb; both give off heat and light so they must be the same.
We all know that candles and light bulbs are vastly different. The same can be said about tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. So, before your elected officials and regulators restrict your access to these products, consider these three myths:

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