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Joyetech Opens Doors In USA and France
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Joyetech Opens Doors In USA and France

Joyetech, the Shenzhen company of over 6 years, has recently announced that the company has now established ground in both USA and France.

We hereby announce that our local companies—Joyetech USA & Joyetech France have now been established. – Joyetech Group

This rather intelligent move will now allow Joyetech to sell its self manufactured product directly to the consumer, eliminating the middle man. Though I feel that both Joyetech USA and Joyetech France are simply headquarters for each country, they’re still selling direct, which is something Joyetech hasn’t offered in the past.


Joyetech has always played it fair within the market, requiring retailers to abide by a set selling price, so don’t expect to save any money by buying from the manufacturer.

Joyetech says this move was to “make Joyetech closer to the local market, as well as providing customers with more convenient, openly and efficient services.”

It’s obvious that Joyetech has built quite the name for themselves, especially if they can open up shop in multiple countries, but do you think they’ve set a path for other China manufacturers to follow? – I guess only time will tell.


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