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JSB Creates WIFI E-Cig
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JSB Creates WIFI E-Cig

A Shenzhen company, Jieshibo Technology Co. (JSB),  recently announced the creation of a WIFI e-cigarette.

JSB will introduce a type of e-cigarette that connects via WIFI technology. The way the WIFI technology is used, is by allowing a charger to connect to the e-cigarette. This use has broken the traditional way of charging, by eliminating the wall charger. You can see this type of technology being more commonly used today within the cell phone industry, but has struggled to take off as a trend.


JSB introduces a intelligent solution in the way of charging for electronic cigarette is inductive charging which make the device with no wall charge, usb charge, car charger, using induction charging method. It is very simple to operate, as long as the put e-cigarette on the pre-installed induction coil mat without the need for direct contact with the battery and power supply, then can charge its own. WiFi e-cigarette has a greater range outdoors and multiple overlapping access points can cover large areas. – JSB News

Though some may feel this technology may be pushing the boundaries with electronic cigarettes, the truth is, there really are no boundaries. It’s such a new technical way of nicotine delivery, that what is seen here is only a start of what’s to come.

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