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Klaus Joins The SFATA Fly-In
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Klaus Joins The SFATA Fly-In

Last week, Klaus Kneale from Ecig Advanced joined in with the SFATA (smokeless alternatives industry trade organization) fly-in. If you’re unaware of what a fly-in is, Klaus gave us a brief explanation of what it is – “it’s something trade and industry groups often organize to advocate for a business-friendly response to current issues.”

With just one word to describe – “Extraordinary,” as he put it, Klaus achieved quite the smile to talk about.

The goal of the event was to convey a need for sensible and deliberate regulatory action for the electronic cigarette industry.


But, before even that, we wanted representatives, staffers, and various committee members to recognize one thing — that the electronic cigarette industry at large is not simply the actions or statements of one or two errant entities or the misleading interpretations put forth by anti-smoking fanatics.  The e-cig industry is a robust market of small, medium, and large companies, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers that exist at a town, city, state, and national level.  But at the core are individuals.  Many of those individuals simply want to know that their voice can be heard and their concerns can be considered. – Klaus Kneale

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