E-Cig Opposers: Not In Their Right Mind
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E-Cig Opposers: Not In Their Right Mind

Electronic cigarettes were designed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and it’s been very successful throughout the time it’s been available. Instead of taking lives like tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs have been saving lives, and even creating job opportunities. However, no matter how much good these devices bring, there are still those who oppose them no matter the amount of scientific proof that is presented showing electronic cigarettes are beneficial.

These opposers have had nothing better else to do than to create lies and hire top PR companies to reach as large of an audience as possible. Sadly, even after seeing the tobacco industry take a hit due to e-cigs, they [the opposers] continue to use the media to spread false information. This leads me to believe they’re truly not in their right mind.

Here are some examples:

Huffington Post: The Truth About The Safety of E-Cigarettes

The industry’s duplicity is clear to medical experts: E-cigarettes are marketed to smokers as a means to wean them off of tobacco (although studies show they don’t help much); yet the same devices, some with fruity flavors, are marketed to young people who don’t smoke, which could get them hooked.

Studie(s) show that e-cigarettes don’t help smokers wean themselves off tobacco? – First off, you don’t need a study to show if this is correct. It’s right in front of your eyes… so much so that Big Tobacco company themselves have entered into the electronic cigarette industry because the quit smoking rate has been on a 7 year decline and e-cigarettes have been a contributing factor. People aren’t weaning themselves from tobacco, they’re quitting tobacco all together. People are laying tobacco cigarettes down completely and switching to this better alternative, the electronic cigarette.

However, if a study is needed, there are many studies showing that e-cigarettes are very beneficial in helping smokers quit tobacco use. In fact, program researchers found that smokers who use electronic or e-cigarettes as a tool to stop smoking tend to be younger and more motivated to quit smoking as compared to other smokers (study here). Another study hints at quit-aid potential. Another study finds electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking.

E-Liquid isn’t marketed to young people just because it has a fruity flavor… it’s marketed to humans who enjoy fruity flavors. This huffington post is basically saying that just because fruity flavors are offered in e-liquid, that companies are marketing them directly towards young people. Implying that only young people like fruity flavors? – Sorry, I didn’t know taste was judged by the age of a person.

Huffington Post: The Truth About The Safety of E-Cigarettes

As for their merits in smoking cessation, e-cigarettes don’t appear very helpful. A study published last month in the journal Addictive Behaviors found that most smokers who used them while they tried to quit either became hooked on vaping, or reverted back to smoking cigarettes. A study published Nov. 16 in the journal The Lancet found no statistically significant difference in the merits of the e-cigarette over the nicotine patch in terms of helping people quit.

E-Cigarettes aren’t meant to be focused on the smoking cessation, they’re meant to be an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, they do work very well helping smokers achieve the smoking cessation. Yes, there was a patch study and it did find that e-cigarettes are as good as the patch. In addition, e-cigarettes offer something to smokers looking to quit, the smoking cessation. This means they can inhale and exhale vapor, the hand to mouth movement and the holding of the product. You can’t do any of that with the patch.


Health Canal: Are E-Cigarettes A Healthy Alternative To Smoking?

Dr. Seidman is also concerned that using e-cigarettes may be far more addictive than other cessation techniques—like nicotine gum—because of  “pulmonary absorption.” Nicotine absorbed through the lungs travels more quickly to the brain.

E-Cigarettes may be more addictive because they actually work. No one will get addicted to nicotine gum, because it just doesn’t work. When smokers start using electronic cigarettes, they’re already addicted to nicotine among 4,000 other harmful chemicals. E-Cigarettes are an alternative; you still satisfy the nicotine addiction, but you’re losing 4,000 other chemicals that you’ve become used to and addicted to.

Health Canal: Are E-Cigarettes A Healthy Alternative To Smoking?

If e-cigarettes are ineffective for kicking a nicotine habit, they may be very effective for beginning one. Companies are aggressively marketing e-cigarettes—which are unregulated by the FDA—to teenagers. Nothing prevents them from targeting this vulnerable population. According to the Centers for Disease Control, e-cigarette use by American teenagers doubled from 2011–2012; and evidence suggests that the devices may serve as a gateway to smoking cigarettes.

Who said they’re ineffective for kicking a nicotine habit? – There are many vapers who don’t even use nicotine. Companies don’t market e-cigarettes to teenagers, it’s just what the opposers want everyone to believe. In fact, most companies will not sell their products to anyone under the age of 18. E-cigarettes are marketed to adult smokers who want to continue using nicotine, but without all the harmful chemicals that of a tobacco cigarette. Teenagers will be teenagers… they will try any product if they are told not to do it. Opposers that disagree… are not in their right mind.

Health Canal: Are E-Cigarettes A Healthy Alternative To Smoking?

For smokers looking for a cessation device similar to the e-cigarette without the health risks, Seidman recommends an FDA-approved form of nicotine replacement therapy called a nicotine inhaler, which one puffs on like an e-cigarette but with little nicotine reaching the lungs.

This last paragraph takes the cake. It couldn’t be anymore obvious that pharmaceutical companies have their hands in Seidman’s pockets. He’s recommending a product that has been proven not to work. If it was successful, it would have been the ‘nicotine inhaler’ that would have put a dent in tobacco sales, not electronic cigarettes. Big Pharma can bring in any dirty doctor they want, but the success of electronic cigarettes will still be present. See, many people not only look at science, but they also make judgement on the way they feel and the results provided by a product. E-Cigarettes are making people feel better than tobacco use and the product is providing great results to millions of former smokers around the world.

In addition, the nicotine dosage in electronic cigarette e-liquid can be altered to fit an individuals preferred liking. If a person wants to quit the use of nicotine, electronic cigarettes allow them to lower their dosage of nicotine intake and at their own pace. If a person wants to quit nicotine all together, but continue to receive the same hand to mouth movements and such, purchasing ‘no-nic’ or 0mg e-liquid is just as easy as purchasing 24mg e-liquid. The great thing about electronic cigarettes is there are options that fit each persons tastes; this ultimately results in satisfied consumers that fill their needs in every which way.

Although this is only a few examples to show the type of misinformation being spread throughout the media, you’ll be able to get a sense of how wrong and how desperate many e-cig opposers are. Even though I know their reasoning [which is money], I still can’t grasp the fact that people can discourage others from a better alternative, just because it’s new or dipping into their pockets.

For these e-cig opposers, my only conclusion is that they’re just not in their right mind.

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