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Kanger Unitank Clearomizer Review

Though the Kanger Unitank Clearomizer is meant to look like many other clearomizers on the market, it was designed to be quite different. Its dual chamber design is supposed to prevent leaking when refilling your tank, yet I haven’t really experienced any leaking issue from the latest releases on clearomizers. And, I’m not too sure that this design is working as expected.


The Unitank Clearomizer came in a hard cased black box. On the front of the box displays a some-what mysteriously looking dark picture of the Unitank. It dark display shows off the product, but leaves room to ponder for detail. At the top left hand corner of the box displays “18+”, as a type of sign showing only for adults. Then to the right top hand corner sits the KangerTech logo and name. The left side of the box says “New Atomizer”, then lists the Unitanks features, such as top filling, bottom heating, pure taste and more vapor. The bottom side lists a group of patent application numbers for USA, France and China. The right slide is open and allows a box which holds the Unitank to slide out. Sitting in the slide out box is a molded plastic that holds the Unitank itself, two Unitank coils and threading cover. Also included is a Unitank Manual that shows how to fill the tank, along with a structure schematic diagram.


kanger unitank partsThough the Unitank may look sumilar to other tanks overall, its inner tank appearance is completely different from what you’ve seen in a clearomizer. It some-what reminds you of a rebuildable tank in a way, yet at the same time having an overall look like other tanks on the market, like the Protank 2 or iClear 30.

What makes the Unitank look very unique from other tanks being produced, is from its dual chamber design. Each part of the Unitank is removable and replaceable. Starting at the top of the tank there sits a 510 drip tip, a drip tip connection ring (which is the top cap), the plastic tube (the 2.5ml tank) and in the center sits the clearomizer pole and spring. On the bottom sits the coil, which screws into the threaded bottom base like many other clearomizers. There isn’t a lot to say about the Unitank as it is like many other clearomizers, except for its unique dual chamber design.

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This dual chamber design was created to prevent leaking when refilling your tank. However, I think the design is flawed. How this works is once the top cap is removed, a spring pops up, and the airflow and e-liquid is blocked from the bottom chamber to prevent leaks during a refill of e-liquid. What I don’t get is how this dual chamber design is actually supposed to work. When you refill the clearomizer, you fill e-liquid into the top. So, even if the chamber is blocked, what would cause it to leak just from refilling it? – Also, when you place the cap back on and the second chamber is open, why isn’t it leaking then if its such as problem? – Sorry if I’m overlooking what this dual chamber purpose actually serves.

Other than the dual chamber design, the performance of the Unitank is great. You’ll receive just the right amount of airflow, and a thick cloud of vapor to produce. However, the 2.2Ohm coil is what I was most concerned with. The coil looks exactly like the coil that is used in EVOD’s and Protank’s and it might even be the same coil, but like any clearomizer I use, it has to wick properly for it to receive a good review. For me, the packaging and appearance isn’t a major factor when I use a product, it’s the performance I receive from it that will make it or break it. With the Unitank, it seems to wick just as well as the Protank series and EVOD, which are 2 of my favorite clearomizers.


Overall, the Unitank Clearomizer was created to serve a specific purpose, which is to prevent leaking, but with the majority of clearomizers, I haven’t had any leaking issues. I think the dual chamber design was created more of a marketing technique for something new and different into the market, but I seen no difference in the Unitank versus the Protank 2. The Kanger Unitank looks good, nothing to really brag about though and its packaging was nice and expected since we’ve seen this same type of packaging throughout Kanger’s many products. What makes the Unitank recommendable is its performance, with solid and consistent wicking and ability to produce decent amounts of vapor.

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