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Airheads E-Liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a bottle of Airheads e-liquid from Epic Juice. I’ll be using an iTaste MVP V2 at 4.6 volts and powering an Aspire BDC that’s sitting at exactly 2.0Ohm’s. This particular bottle is at 18MG strength, which is preferred. Epic Juice describes the flavor as “The Ejuice that helped start it all! Complex candy flavors bring together a great blend reminiscent of our favorite taffy candy.”


To describe this flavor, the easiest way is to point you of course to the airheads candy. There are many flavors of airheads and I can’t pinpoint exactly which one. The last time I had a airheads candy was quite a while back, but the one I would always grab is the White Mystery. I’m not sure if that’s a certain flavor or if it’s just one of the other flavors in a white taffy, but the flavor I recall from the white mystery airhead tastes like this bottle of Airheads e-liquid.

This is one of those flavors that aggravates me… it aggravates me because I want you to understand just how good this flavor is (to me at least), but words do it no justice. I guess, all I can do is recommend the flavor and you try it for yourself.

Anyhow, my Wife and I have fallen in love with this flavor and will definitely order more.

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Throat Hit

I couldn’t find the exact PG/CG ratio for this e-liquid anywhere on the Epic Juice website, but I can tell you I’m not getting much of a throat hit from this bottle of airheads e-liquid. It actually worked out perfectly when I tried it on a rebuildable setup because I didn’t want too much of a throat hit. Other than that, you can expect a nice and smooth vape.

Vapor Production

The vapor production was nice, especially when paired with my Aspire clearomizer. On my rebuildable setup that’s in sub-ohm territory, I couldn’t believe the vapor I produced. Aside from the setup I used, I’d imagine the VG to be equal or more in percentage.


Overall, the Airheads e-liquid from Epic Juice is one tasty vape that I’m eager to revisit. It’s sometimes difficult for vendors to really grab my attention to their store from the flavors they send me, but for Epic Juice, it was quite easy. I’m big on candy flavors, so this bottle had me from the start. When sealed the deal is from the quality in taste being perfectly executed. If you like candy vapes, I highly recommend you try Airheads from Epic Juice.

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