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Joyetech eGo-CC Clearomizer Review

Like past reviewed Joyetech products, this one falls in the same line. The quality of Joyetech’s products have been beyond what is expected, rather it’s a personal vaporizer to their most remarkable clearomizer head design such as the one being reviewed today. There’s no doubt about it that when you buy a Joyetech product, you’re getting the best products on the market.


Much like most of Joyetech’s products, the Joyetech eGo-CC Clearomizer comes in a grey and black box, showing the picture of the product on the front of the package and the Joyetech logo throughout each side of the box. Inside the box, the eGo-CC sits nice and snug in a clear molded plastic. Like all other packaging from Joyetech, everything looks professional and is designed for retail display.


Joyetech is a brand that’s created all of its products with a simple, yet sleek look. It’s been this way throughout all of its products, and they’ve continued it with the eGo-CC Clearomizer. A simple design is all they’ve needed and they’ve never changed the overall appearance, because it simply works. When I look at the eGo-CC and products they produce, I see quality, simplicity, professionalism and a product I can feel comfortable using.

The Joyetech eGo-CC is an all metal clearomizer, from the top on its specifically designed drip tip, to the bottom of its eGo styled base. The clearomizer sight window doesn’t display through the whole tank portion, but it’s just enough to view your e-liquid level. Overall, I’m digging the simple, yet durable look it has to offer.

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The eGo-CC’s performance delivers a similar experience you’ve receive from the past newest atomizer design Joyetech has come up with. And, just like with those other atomizers, you’ll receive mountains of vapor. I’m not quite sure how Joyetech is doing it, but they’re able to make a coil that can produce the largest amount of vapor from a clearomizer. With the eGo-CC I received a restriction in airflow. I’m not sure if the unit I received had a defect or if the airflow on the eGo-CC wasn’t designed well. I also wasn’t able to fill the eGo-CC properly under the drip tip as the instructions suggested because something was blocking the hole. That said, I filled through the bottom of the tank.

The wicking went alright, except for when I would chain vape. You can tell easily how far you can and can’t push this clearomizer. Short and hard pulls are what I found works best for the big bodied vapor.


Overall, the Joyetech eGo-CC isn’t a bad clearomizer. It looks sleek, simple and overall has an appealing appearance. Its inability to wick properly when chain vaping is only a small concern of mine, but being able to produce huge vapor clouds can override that concern any day. I wouldn’t say that the eGo-CC is up to par with the Aspire clearomizer I recently reviewed, but it’s definitly on the right path.

If you’re interested in the Joyetech eGo-CC Clearomizer or any other hardware, visit


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  • I tell ya, I have tried lots of different clearos, cartos, tankos and the ego-cc is my favorite. If huge clouds are important to you, maybe not so much. But if using for a reliable nicotine or THC/CBD delivery system these are awesome. I had trouble with leaking UNTIL I stopped trying to refill using the tip on a bottle of e-juice or a dropper. I use ONLY a syringe with a dispensing needle. Droppers and dropper tips completely plug the hole in the tank causing somewhat of a blow-out because of the pressure when refilling. The needle method allows the air in the tank to escape as you fill. If you still overfill, using a tissue to catch the drippings, blow thru each end of the tank till you’ve cleared liquid from the air vents along the sides of the inner tank. After several months of use, and several replacements of the atomizer head, the bottom portion of the tank that holds the atomizer head starts to either taste burnt, get clogged or start really leaking. At $15 a tank, it isn’t too dear to replace. I so prefer the ‘wickless’ atomizer heads to all the gooey, saturated stuffing in other carts. These carts allow the taste of your vaping juice to really come through…easier to fill than the drip-along-the-sides-avoid-the-center-hole style of filling (IMHO)…nice classy look. Perfection!



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