Your Thoughts? – New E-Liquid Subscription Services
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Your Thoughts? – New E-Liquid Subscription Services

The new e-liquid subscription services… It seems like once one of them pop up, it’ll become contagious and everyone thinks they can offer something better. Get ready, here they come!

Whatever the reason being, these e-liquid subscription services are becoming a hot topic and I predict this service will only rise in the coming year. If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, it’s a recent service that came about where you can pay a monthly cost to a company and in return, they’ll deliver e-liquid or e-liquid samples directly to you.


Many consumers are taking to this new service within the industry quite well, as it’s a constant feed of trying new flavors from various companies. By doing this, it will keep your taste buds active and give you an experience worth vaping for.

Now, the market hasn’t yet been flooded with them yet, but I’ve heard of a few to pop up here recently, like ZampleBox, Ejuice-Box and CraftVapery. Have you heard of them or used them yet? – Do you think this will become a hit in 2014?

What’s your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • My first Zample box is on the way to me now. The idea is great, it’s an easy way to try different flavors. We’ll see if the execution is good as well!




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