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5 Best Rebuildable Atomizer Resources
rebuildable atomizer resources

5 Best Rebuildable Atomizer Resources

Rebuildable Atomizers have become a huge hit in the vaping industry. It’s to no surprise, since it comes from the same reason why the industry took to mods so well. This relies heavily on vapers not settling for less, and wanting more out of their vaping experience. It’s because people want their device to perform better, and more efficiently to keep themselves satisfied. The car guys rebuild their engines for more horsepower, the computer guys rebuild their PC’s for better quality and performance, and the e-cig guys rebuild atomizers because it’s cheaper and provides better results than what the manufacturers offer.

Whatever the reason there may be, here’s our 5 best rebuildable atomizer resources to help. (in no particular order)

1. RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers is an e-cig fanatic YouTuber that creates many video reviews on some of the most popular devices and accessories, with a huge sense of humor. At times he’s odd and very funny, but it’s there for your entertainment. He’s also very huge on making coil building video tutorials for rebuildable atomizers, and that’s where I find his videos most interesting.

YouTube: RiP Trippers

2. Vape Happy

Vape Happy is another YouTuber that is all about giving back to vapers and sharing the knowledge he’s gained. He creates many video reviews, but he makes his focal point on rebuildable atomizers and teaching different coil setups.

YouTube: Vape Happy


3. Coil Porn

Located on the monstrous Reddit website, you’ll find some good ‘ol fashioned Coil Porn. I thought this sub-reddit was a perfect resource for interested rebuilders. It not only gives you ideas for new coil builds, but it also shows you what others are using for wick and wire. It seems to motivate me to build better looking and performing coils as well.

Reddit: Coil Porn

4. Rebuildable Atomizer Systems

We all know that the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) has the largest forum user base, and with that said, you’ll learn a lot about rebuildable atomizers. With this sub-forum on ECF, you’ll also learn about a wider range of new ┬áRBA products than you would anywhere else.

ECF: Rebuildable Atomizer Systems

5. RBA

Again, Reddit is one of the most useful resources for rebuildable atomizers. The sub-reddit “RBA” is a place where you can learn everything about rebuildable atomizers. From questions to answers, this is definitely a recommended resource, especially when you’re just getting into the swing of things.

Reddit: RBA

If you have any other useful rebuildable atomizer resources, we would love for you to share them with us in the comments below!

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