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Playboy Vapor Disposable E-Cigarette Review
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Playboy Vapor Disposable E-Cigarette Review

If there has ever been a disposable e-cigarette to catch your eye, the Playboy Vapor Disposable E-cigarette has to be the one. It not only carries the iconic Playboy name, but it also displays the well-known Playboy bunny logo as well. If you’re not buying it for the mere fact that it’s an e-cigarette, you’ll be buying it because of its popular and historical branding. However, it’s known that Playboy has ventured in different territories along its long journey and it’s now moved towards the best alternative to smoking. Welcome to Playboy Vapor.


To start off with first impressions, the Playboy Vapor disposable e-cigarette case has me in awe. It doesn’t offer anything new as far as overall design – since it resembles the Njoy casing and e-cigarette very heavily. However, as silly as it may sound to some, I’m completely ecstatic about the Playboy branding actually being on an e-cigarette.

The casing is small, simple, and nothing “high-end” to raise the cost of such a simple e-cigarette.  The front and back of the casing reads the Playboy name at the top, followed by “Premium Electronic Cigarette” just below. Moving towards the center has the number 1 surrounded by a small circle and below that lists the flavor (Classic Tobacco) and the nicotine strength (18MG). Resting at the bottom is the well-known and loved Playboy bunny. Beside the labeling of the casing is clear and visible to see the Playboy disposable e-cigarette. And lastly for the casing, the top flips open similar to a zippo lighter; very clicky and though I may catch some slack for using this word, but I find it very cool and interesting.

On the other hand, the disposable e-cigarette itself is very simple as you would suspect. It mimic’s the appearance of a traditional cigarette heavily from the top of its dark orange mouthpiece with light-colored dots, the gold ring separating the top portion from the bottom, the brand name following on the white papered look, even with the faint lines running down its body. To end it, the led at the bottom glows a dark-colored orange.


To be totally honest, the appearance of the actual e-cigarette throws me off quite a bit. Although I know that I’m a bit more anti-tobacco than many vapers, but I can’t seem to shake the disgusting feeling I get when looking at it. This disposable e-cigarette may be more attractive to someone who wants to continue the tradition appearance of a cigarette, but I’m just not feeling it. I would have been more drawn to the appearance if it carried its own look, instead of trying to carry a stigma that so many smokers have been trying to get away from. It’s like telling a recovering alcoholic to drink soda from a Vodka bottle… it’s just not right.

I may have went into a lot more detail than what a disposable e-cigarette casing deserves, but the marketing of it was dead on. Well done Playboy Vapor… well done.


Although it’s understood we are reviewing a disposable e-cigarette here, you obviously can’t expect any bold performance. The amount of vapor it produces is weak and would never hold over a heavy smoker. However, just like I say with all disposable e-cigarettes, they’re good for at least getting a feel of what vapor feels and tastes like in the mouth. On the flip side, I found the Classic Tobacco flavor in this disposable e-cigarette to be quite pleasing; nothing overpowering, just a subtle tobacco taste. Does it cover an experience you would get for any premium, popular and well performing device currently on the market? Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Take it for what it is… it’s disposable and something to get you by in those tight moments, or it can be used as a stealth vape or possibly an idea of the real thing.


A 3-pack of Bold Tobacco, Classic Tobacco and Ultra Light Tobacco is the cheapest deal I found on the Playboy Vapor website. The cost for the 3 disposable’s is $17.99, which isn’t bad considering most retail stores sells 1 disposable e-cigarette for around $10. As I said before, if you’re not buying this e-cigarette to use, you’re buying it for the Playboy name and to be honest I don’t blame you at all. 🙂

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