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RADical Rechargeable E-Cig Kit Review
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RADical Rechargeable E-Cig Kit Review

The RADical Rechargeable Premium E-Cig Kit is a new, very appealing and pocket-friendly starter kit to surface the market. The starter kit is created and sold by RAD Vapor. Fortunately for GuideToVaping, I was lucky enough to be the first to review the “tin,” as I like to call it.


radical kitFor first impressions, the tin can is a very bold and excellent packaging / casing choice for the RADical Kit. This tin can appearance we all remember band-aids being sold in has me completely floored at such a great idea for a pocket-friendly starter kit. Although it’s a stick (cig-a-like) e-cig, the packaging says it’s something new, creative, and shows RAD Vapor really took the time to perfect such a kit. I’m not only loving this tin casing for the mere fact of it being an awesome twist to e-cigarette packaging, but I’m even more stoked that I get to add it to my ever-growing collection. Sorry, I’m a sucker for new and creative packaging.

This industry will continue to advance quick, and if you hold on to those creative products that emerge, someday you can truly say you own a piece of vaping history.

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The top lid to the tin has the RAD logo, Minty Menthol flavor and nicotine strength printed in white; to the left sits a green stripe labeled Full Flavor. Located on the front face of the black tin is another RAD logo followed by RADical Rechargeable Premium E-Cig Kit printed just below. Towards the bottom is an even larger RAD logo, the flavor and nicotine strength. And finally the bottom lists a sort of slogan for the kit; Real Taste, Real Value, Real Easy. The left side lists what’s included in the kit (1 USB Charger and Battery, 2 E-Cigarette Cartridges), while the right displays a RAD QR Code that my scanner was unfortunately not able to detect. On the back of the tin is a green stripe to the left labeled RADical E-Cigarette, and the center portion carried the RAD Vapor name, USA E-Liquid in small print and two informative facts just below (Rechargeable USB charger included, E-Cig Case for portable protection). Towards the middle lists ingredients (Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings, Nicotine) and the bottom lists necessary warnings.

And finally, opening up the lid to the tin case displays The USB Charger to the far left, the rechargeable e-cigarette, two cartridges  and an owners manual stretching the width of the case. Everything is neatly placed and has designated spots to carry each individual product.

The e-cigarette itself is white and faint lines running down the course of its body leading to an LED that glows bright green when activated. Included on the body sits the RAD logo, while the cartridge displays a star, its flavor and nicotine strength. I like that this device doesn’t carry the same traditional appearance that of a tobacco cigarette.


The RAD e-cigarette surprisingly offers rather nice performance from such a small device. I was pretty surprised at how much vapor I was able to produce, and if you’ve watched the little video I made for the RADical Kit, you can see exactly what I’m talking about. However, remember this is a stick e-cig, so don’t expect monstrous clouds. For the stick e-cig market, I can definitely see this becoming a large product and even moving further than other leading similar products. It offers a decent vape, the flavor is a very bright Minty Menthol (that I enjoyed) as it’s labeled and it all has the ability to be recharged, then carried with a small collectible, pocket-friendly tin casing.


The kit is priced at $19.99, which I feel is reasonable. This is a product that will be sold by retailers all across America, so comparing to other commercially sold starter kits, the price is suitable.

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