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88eVape Multiple Big Deals

The online store 88eVape has submitted multiple big deals on some deliciously looking mechanical mods.


First Vaping Deal: The Pre-order $39.99 has began for the Hades Mechanical Mod.

Product Page Here: Hades Mechanical Mod

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 28.5mm (Top Cap)
  • 26650 Battery Only (<- WHAT! ūüôā )
  • Silver Plated Brass Contacts
  • Comes with Magnetic and Spring Switch

hades mechanical mod


Second Vaping Deal: Maraxus Mechanical Mod now only $29.99

Product Page Here: Maraxus Mechanical Mod

  • Telescopic and collapsible type mod;
  • Upper and lower pins are copper made;
  • ¬†Auto adjustment in the upper pins (to prevent misfire);
  • ¬†Larger pins to lower the voltage drop;
  • 8 well-aligned vent holes for better body insulation;
  • Black Derlin insulator;
  • 2-toned body for elegant look;
  • Parts can be manipulated to achieve desired design;
  • 510 threading,¬†fit with 18350/18650/18500 battery;
  • 6 lower wire-cut spikes and 4 upper spikes for unique appearance and better handling;
  • Electric pole protection;
  • Automatical lock when the pulley is down.

maraxus mechanical mod

West Coast Vape Supply

Third Vaping Deal: Nemesis Copper Mechanical Mod now only $40.99

Product Page Here: Nemesis Copper Mechanical Mod

  • Three tubes for 18350, 18500 and 18650
  • ¬†Kick ring for kick or two-tone finish look (If used as two-tone, a long contact post is¬† required)
  • Adjustable throw on bottom connection. Tighten to shorten throw, loosen to lengthen throw
  • Top cap has an adjustable pin for the atomizer
  • Bottom cap is screwed in to adjust for battery size
  • There is a small pin in the bottom switch that prevents the switch from spinning

nemesis copper mechanical mod


I urge you all to check out the many excellent priced products they have. You can visit them here:

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