Ecigarette Reviewed’s New Guide To E-Cig Safety
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Ecigarette Reviewed’s New Guide To E-Cig Safety

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you’ve probably gotten a hint that I’m big on e-cig safety. If you’re new here, I would like you to know that even though I encourage smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes, your safety is top priority when using these devices. I don’t want to necessarily say that e-cig’s are dangerous, but like any electronic device, there are risks. If not maintained properly, batteries have been known to malfunction, and this has been seen not only in the electronic cigarette industry, but in other industries as well, happening with mobile phones, laptops and many others.


In this industry, we’re not like big tobacco – we’re not going to cover up the faults with these products. Instead, we would like to inform you so that you can prevent and avoid malfunction. That being said, I would feel horrible if I didn’t share Ecigarette Reviewed’s new and complete guide to e-cig safety.

In this guide, you’ll get 18 very detailed blocks of information concerning e-cig safety. In addition, all the top bloggers within the industry have shared bits of information on specific topics throughout the whole guide. In my opinion, this one is a must read.

To see Ecigarette Reviewed’s new complete guide to e-cig safety, you can visit that page here.

Thanks to Lindsay Fox for giving me the opportunity to share my words and for sharing this thoughtful guide.

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