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New Age Scanners For E-Cigarette Stores
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New Age Scanners For E-Cigarette Stores

The Utah Vapers advocacy group and trade organization has recently announced that all 30 e-cigarette stores part of Utah Vapers will soon be using a new age scanner that allows the store employee to scan customer’s driver licenses  and will notify them if the person(s) are the legal age to purchase e-cigarette products.

Utah has been receiving a bit of commotion due to the beliefs that e-cigarettes are being marketed towards underage buyers. That being said, Utah e-cigarette stores that are part of Utah Vapers will voluntarily implement these new scanners. The scanners are made specifically for the e-cigarette industry and will indicate a red or green light signaling if the buyer is of the legal age or not.


Utah Vapers has already rolled out its pilot version to iVape SLC, a local Utah e-cigarette store. In addition, the store has already received some media buzz from the new addition, which can be found here.

The Utah Vapers has been working with a leading scanner manufacturer in Utah to introduce a custom programmed device for the e-cigarette industry in the state. Custom programmed for ages 18, 19, & 21, the scanner will take human error out of the equation of ID checking protecting you from costly fines, penalties and help protect your business reputation by avoiding underage sales.

Though this news may not be exciting to some, it will sure be an awesome addition to this industry if other stores will implement these age scanners.

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  • We’re really happy to see this happening, if the e-cig industry regulates itself there won’t be as much regulation done by the government.



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