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A Visit To Vapor Time in Dothan, AL

This past week I had a chance to visit a new shop that has surfaced in Dothan. Though the “circle city” as we call it isn’t very large, the vapor shops are beginning to sprout up more frequently. Vapor Time, an electronic cigarette company that has stores in Mobile, Saraland, Spanish Fort, and Summerdale, Alabama. The amount of shops they’ve added to “Alabama The Beautiful” is definitely giving them a solid presence and undoubtedly a great track record.

This company doesn’t hold back, promoting words like “The south’s largest e-cig supply stores.” – But is it really that large of a selection? – Decide for yourselves by watching the little video I put together displaying the store and products above.

vapor timeWhat are my thoughts? – I’ve been to quite a few stores now and there’s no doubt that Vapor Time has quite the selection in their Dothan based store. One of the great features and the additive to my first impressions is that the location they’ve picked to turn into a vapor shop used to actually be a chiropractic clinic. That said, once you walking into the shop, immediately to your right there is a reception window, which has now turned into the e-liquid bar. When visiting this area you’ll be able to watch them mix up a batch of custom e-liquid or “try before you buy.”

Another additive to my first impression was a board that rested on the wall to the left. This board was labeled “Wall of Quitters” and allowed the customer to put their name on a star shaped piece of paper, along with the date they quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. I have to hand it to them, the quitters board was an awesome idea. Continuing on, in an overall look of the shop, its display cases and the way everything was setup, it looked pretty nice. The amount of products was great, though I didn’t enjoy seeing the 18650 and 18350 batteries sitting in a basket and all touching one another without anything protecting them.

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vapor time featureThe selection of both devices and accessories was pretty nice. However, I wasn’t too thrilled with some of the jacked up prices that went along with them. The employee working at Vapor Time at the current time was a nice guy, very friendly and though obviously a bit bored due to the lack of customers, it made for a very interesting and long talk about products and vaping in general. I forgot the employee’s name, but I appreciate him talking vape with me – it’s sort of my thing. Anyhow, he presented the store and I was very impressed.

Vapor Time’s Dothan location has only been open for 5 weeks now, which is understandable why I only witnessed one visitor during my visit. I’m sure the store will do well over time, but I believe the location will hold the business back. The store is located in a very small shopping center strip of about 2 other random businesses, and bonus points that the small shopping center sits right by a Pizza Hut – which I believe is the only one in the Dothan area. However, this location sits on a part of the “circle” that isn’t necessarily known for business. The spot almost feels secluded, even though it’s on one of the busiest road in Dothan.

To conclude, my experience with Vapor Time was great, and though I didn’t buy anything, the conversation with the employee made my visit well worth it. Vapor Time, props to you on both the product line-up and awesome customer service.

If you would like to visit Vapor Time online, you can do so at

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