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GearBest King Mod Clone Review
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GearBest King Mod Clone Review

The popular device originally created by Surefire Vapor has been cloned, like many of the devices you see on the market, and today I’ll be reviewing just that, the King Mechanical Mod Clone.

Note: This device can be had for $25.41!


king modThe King Mod looks great in design and to be quite frank, it looks a lot like most mech mods, but differing in the top and bottom portion. The top and bottom portion of the King sports a nut that would usually pair with a bolt. Above the top nut is the top round base and a 510 connection with a small drip well. The bottom nut sits just above the bottom button. The middle body portion is 3 stainless steel tubes placed together in different sizes, heavily resembling the Nemesis Mech Mod. On one side there is the label “King” printed, while the opposite side carries the lion emblem and below that rests the number “0677,” which I imagine is printed on every device since it’s a clone. And, to make this clone appear as the real thing, they’ve also included the Surefire logo at the bottom just as the original has.

The device overall looks really nice and much like the original. The threading throughout the device looks good as well and it has a weighted feel to it. The one thing I’m not pleased with in appearance is that they used Surefire’s logo. I know it’s a clone and I understand that it was made to look exactly like the original device, but there’s a part in me that doesn’t agree with copying logo’s on-top of the already copied device. It’s like throwing fuel on the fire.

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A lot like many mechanical mods, the features are very limited being it uses no electronic internals. However, the notable features of this device are the easily spinning nuts. The bottom nut is used to lock and unlock the bottom firing button, which is of course a must. The top nut is used to adjust airflow, which I’ve found to not work as intended. The flaw here is that the holes below the base and behind the nut is very, very, small. Now don’t get me wrong, the adjustable airflow does work, just the with bigger holes you would be able to tell more of a difference. The next feature that is worthy enough to share is the ability to break the device down to use with an 18650 or 18350. Keeping all the tube pieces that come with the device will allow the use of an 18650 combined with a Kick.

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The King performs as well as any other mech device on the market right now. Though its adjustable airflow could be improved, it’s not much of a concern with most rebuildable atomizers having the same feature. Though the nuts allow you to easily uncover the airflow holes and bottom firing button, I’ve noticed that sometimes when screwing the nuts up to the device completely, it will get stuck and you’ll have to pry it a bit to loosen. The bottom button uses a spring, and sometimes that can become a pain, especially if you’re used to magnetic switches. If you press the button in with your pinky on the edge of the button and not in the middle, it will stick and that becomes frustrating after a while of use.

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  • With my king mod I’m finding that the firing button is getting way to hot to handle while the battery remains cool, also feels like its shooting an electric current from the firing pin.

    • DJ, I’m honestly not sure what the problem is that you’re having. However, I would recommend discontinuing use before the problem escalates. If you figure it out, do let me know.

  • It’s called hot button. I experienced that with my nemesis mod and there’s a number of causes for this one being that the threads wear down causing the current to stop and start where ever leading to ” hot button” when the current starts or stops in the button or the second thing is if you’re running a dripper on it and the ohms are too low (below 2.5 ohms) I found that it could also cause hot button and that was the case with me. I was running .19 ohms in a trident rda dropper and caused it to have hot button. Hope this helps

  • Hey. I got a gold version here that has the numbers 4308 below the crest. I’m having some trouble here. I just bought a tank for it and it works fine on my other mod bit not this. I think it had something to do with the contact but it just won’t fire . I don’t know why. Could you email me and help me. I’m trying to fix this as a gift for my brother.



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