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VICE Publishes Funny E-Cigarette Article
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VICE Publishes Funny E-Cigarette Article

If you haven’t yet heard of VICE, you may just be living under a very heavy rock, or you just don’t indulge yourself in everything online media. Whatever the case may be, VICE is an online/offline news media magazine.

What I enjoy most about reading VICE is that there is a lot of blunt talk and usually humorous. A good example would be an article that was recently released covering e-cigarettes. The article was very humorous and honestly had my Wife and I bursting with laughter. To start off, the article was titled “Our E-Cigarettes Are Going To Melt Our Faces and Burn Our Houses Down” – hilarious, right?

Here’s the start of the very funny reporting:

Why sugarcoat it? Judging from the heavily trafficked articles on the Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post, it looks like e-cigarettes aren’t going to stop at poisoning children. They’re coming after our homes and our faces. Long term studies on the health effects of vaping haven’t been completed, and you know what else hasn’t been studied? Whether they’ve been programmed by Al Qaeda to explode all over our old people. Maybe you already know one of the stories: An old lady in England was severely disfigured on Friday when her face caught on fire in connection with the use of an e-cigarette. That there was a fire, and that it was sad aren’t matters for dispute. It’s just not clear yet how the e-cigarette attacked her or why.

As you can see, they’re reporting one of the latest incidents where a 65-year-old lady received burns to her face by what is said, an e-cigarette explosion. In this post I won’t address that matter, but I felt this article needed to be shared for at least a good laugh. However, VICE seemed to address it just as I would have as you can see below.

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I put my question to Gerald E. Loeb, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California. He told me that “Anything with a battery and a heating coil could ignite in the presence of pure oxygen, which would then feed the flames of everything around. This is why hospitals have strict rules on electrical devices where oxygen is used.‚Äč” Indeed, responsible medical professionals provide literature to patients that would have made this clear. In other words, the patient, and nearby staff, should have known not to get electronics near the oxygen.

Anyhow, the article continues to dig deeper into the world of electronic cigarettes, and doesn’t quickly write us off as these horrible people most of the media feels inclined to do. VICE actually researches our field and sees it for both its faults and benefits. Here’s the last part of the article:

While vaping culture, and vaping coverage in the media are both ramping up, so is the bummer machine known as our government, man. The latest is a California ban on online sales that might become law in a few weeks. Still, there’s plenty that the pearl-clutching set have yet to freak out about, like the fact that you can vape hash oil in similar or identical devices. It might be a good idea for e-cigarette users to keep a low profile. But then, a lot of things might be good ideas. So here’s a big doff of my fedora to the modders out there striving to be the Wright Brothers of getting killed by an e-cigarette. The government really has no reason to ban these fairly harmless gadgets that can actually improve people’s health. But you’re out there making sure they find a reason! Nice going!

You can view the original article here:

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