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It is our time, as both vapers and citizens, to stand up against the impending FDA regulations. The proposed FDA regulations, as they are written, will crush the vaping industry as we know it today. One of the greatest assets that this industry has, is the constant innovation and improvement of vaping products. The reason that vaping has grown as rapidly as it has, is because of the ability to cater to each individuals’ vaping preferences. Limiting the products available on the market would reduce the selection, and thus the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes overall. For those of you that are not aware, we only have until July 9th, 2014 to be heard.

Free To Vape is a website designed as a communications tool. It allows vapers to easily give thoughts and comments directly to the FDA, your Congressman, your Senators, and to those Committee Members in Congress who will be reviewing and approving the regulations.

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We know you want your submittal to be as effective and impactive as it possibly can be. For the FDA, we will be printing out your submittal onto paper and dropping it off directly at their offices. For your Congressman/ Senators/ the Committee Members – we will directly fax your submittal to them in real time.

Essentially, has created a form where all you have to do is enter your personal information (name, age, gender, etc), answer 12 multiple choice questions that show officials how you feel about the proposed federal regulation, add a couple optional links to vaping related studies and tell your personal story with a 6000 character limit.

Free To Vaping has made things even easier for us vapers to fight for what we believe in. No long do we have to e-mail each official. By simply filling out this form, you are doing your part to protect what has literally saved your life.

Take action – please take out the 5 to 10 minutes of your time to fill out this form: Take Action |

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