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SFATA Launches Age To Vape Program For E-Cig Retailers
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SFATA Launches Age To Vape Program For E-Cig Retailers

The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) has just announced the launch of the Age To Vape Program for e-cigarette retailers.

The Age To Vape program allows e-cigarette retailers to receive free “Age To Vape” age restriction signs, which indicates that they do not sell e-cigarette products to minors and request age verification from consumers at the time of purchase.

By participating in the Age To Vape program, retailers will receive 2 Age To Vape signs to display on store windows. To participate, e-cigarette retailers must fill out a form. In the form, retailers must agree to post AGE TO VAPE™ signs, check customer ID’s before making a sale, agree not to sell vapor products to minors and agree to be part of a public registry of participating outlets, which will be published online.

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Vapor products are intended for adult consumers. SFATA’s members are proactive and responsible corporate citizens and already take many of the steps outlined above to ensure their products are not sold to minors. The AGE TO VAPE™ program is a way for SFATA to help institutionalize and spread a favorable business practice that legislators, parents and businesses can be proud to support.

Many start-up shops do not know where to turn to, to acquire signage of this matter. By the SFATA offering this program to retailers, it makes for little hassle or confusion for retailers to take part in a beneficial movement for the electronic cigarette industry. Age restriction is vital within this market, and though many states do not have an age restriction yet put in place, it is on the vape retailers to regulate the industry themselves, go by a set of reasonable standards and conduct responsible business. This Age To Vape program is an awesome start to becoming a model e-cigarette retailer.

If you would like more information and looking to participate: SFATA | Age To Vape

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