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MBV Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid Review

Though Mount Baker Vapor is highly known throughout both the online community and e-cigarette industry, as well as being an advertiser here at GuideToVaping, I’ve always questioned their e-liquid. Is there so much hype surrounding this brand because of their amazingly cheap prices or is the e-liquid just that great?  I have the opportunity to try many e-liquid brands, but just because it’s offered to me, that doesn’t mean I always jump for free juice. However, I decided it was time to see what this e-liquid was all about for myself, once and for all.

For this review, I’ll be using an AeroTank with a Kanger Sub-Ohm Coil (0.8), stacked on a Nemesis Mechanical Mod. I’m reviewing Mount Baker Vapor’s Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid.


The quality is up to par with a few of the brands I vape daily. I’ve been slow to try the rest of the flavors MBV has sent me, but this Cinnamon Roll has a decent quality in taste. In addition, the nicotine seems solid, nothing scratchy or out of the normal (I’ve come across this in some brands I’ve sampled in the past).

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Let me first start off by saying, I’m not a fan of desert e-liquid flavors. If you’re a long-time reader of GuideToVaping, you probably already know that fruit and candy flavors are my preferences. My first impressions weren’t anything I was pleased with, and I knew I would feel this way. However, every once in a while I’ll get a wild hair and go against the grain by trying something new and out of my norm. Normally, if I try something and just don’t like the initial taste, I’ll move onto something else. With Cinnamon Roll, I did like the taste, but at the same time I didn’t because it’s a type of flavor I typically don’t want to vape. This time, I felt that I should stick with it and use this flavor exclusively for a few hours, and thankfully I did.

Cinnamon Roll from Mount Baker Vapor has to be one of the best flavors I’ve ever tried. It kind of makes me want to go back to past flavors that I didn’t even give a shot and revisit them for a hopeful daily vape. Chances are, and if you’re even human, you’ve eaten a Cinnamon Roll. The best way I can describe this flavor is by eating the real thing – it literally tastes exactly the same; I’m astonished, excited and loving this vape!

Throat Hit

Looking for throat hit?  It’s not happening here, even with this Sub-Ohm Coil. The smoothness this e-liquid has to offer goes along with its superb taste. I couldn’t ask for anything better in this perfectly mixed flavor.

Vapor Production

I wouldn’t receive as much vapor as I did with this 65%-PG if it wasn’t for this Kanger Sub-Ohm Coil. However, if you’re looking for an increased vapor production, when purchasing from MBV, you can pick the percentage to your liking.

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Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  • MBV Cinnamon roll is my daily vape. I get 50/50 mix with one flavor shot. Once ya get it ya have to let it steep till the juice gets almost golden brown then it’s absoultly amazing and you’ll get the throat hit. If you use it strait from the box it’s too smooth for my liking. I vape it in an aspire nautilus 1.6ohm on a tesla VV VW mod.



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