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TOBH Atty V2 RDA Clone Review (FastTech)

As you know, the TOBH Atty V2 RDA has received a lot of hype. Being so, I had to get my hands on one, and the best priced I could find was FastTech. When I purchased my Panzer Black Hawk, I thought that if I was going to get an awesome mechanical mod, I would need to an awesome RDA to match. That said, for this review today I’ll be using just that setup. Here are my thoughts:


The TOBH Atty looks great, and very similar to the Patriot; an atomizer I really enjoyed using. The fins that make the TOBH look as stunning as it does, are actually heat sink fins, which help remove heat from the atomizer. On my particular TOBH Atty, the body color is a dark blue gloss, but if you pay close attention to the fins, on the wall that the fins wrap are colored in a dark purple gloss, which really adds to the detail of the atomizer. To be honest, I’m super attracted to this RDA; it just looks simple, and I think that’s why many prefer this rebuildable over many others, among its exceeding features and performance.

tobh atty fins


To start off with, we just talked about one of its features, the heat sink fins, which also doubles as an addition to its appearance. There is also another important feature about this RDA, the airflow. There are three air-holes on each side of the TOBH Atty. On many RDA’s, users would have to drill extra holes for ample amount of airflow to the coils. However, with the TOBH Dripper, the 6 combined holes create the perfect amount of airflow, eliminating the hassle of drilling for more.

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Another huge feature that makes this attachment stand out is that it separates into three parts. You can take off the top cap, where your drip tip inserts, which allows you to easily drip e-liquid without removing the whole atomizer body from your deck. The other removable part is the atomizer body, which separates from the atomizer deck. By removing the body, it acts just as any other atomizer, giving you room on the atomizer deck to insert your wick and wire. As a note, both the top cap and bottom deck have o-rings that work well.  On the deck of the atomizer, there are two lips that stick up. These lips are made on this atomizer so that you can adjust the airflow that your air-holes receive. By simply sliding the body of the atomizer around, you can block two air-holes or 4 air-holes to give yourself a vape that will suit you best.

On the deck itself, there are three posts, which work great for both single and dual coil setups. The screw on the positive post is a bit larger, while the other two posts have a smaller screw because of a clearance matter with the body. The center (positive) post also has a pretty big hole, while the other two are smaller. This is understandable since the center post will be the only post that may have two leads going through it to allow for a dual coil setup. Continuing, I feel I must also mention that the 510 connection on the bottom of the atomizer is threaded well and makes a good connection to my device.

tobh atty parts


What I enjoy most about the TOBH Atty is its deep well, its large clearance for coils, both single and dual, and the way it performs when there is a decently built coil setup on deck. With the adjustable airflow and six combined air-holes, you can chuck huge clouds on each coil setup by adjusting the airflow. In addition, if you build a higher resistance coil, you can block off some of the airflow when you’re not wanting to kill it with large clouds.

I’m telling you, this is one really nice rebuildable dripping atomizer.

tobh atty vapor


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