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OLA X Starter Kit Review (MJTech)
ola x starter kit
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OLA X Starter Kit Review (MJTech)

The OLA X is a variable voltage electronic cigarette, or advanced personal vaporizer for a more technical term. The device is created and sold by MJTech, a large manufacturer that has existed within the e-cigarette industry since 2009. The company manufactures more than 10,000 pieces per day and has a quite large staff of over 500 persons. With such a large creation, there’s no doubt in my mind that the device in question today will perform just as well as the company itself looks.

Today I will be reviewing the OLA X Starter Kit from MJTech.


The first impressions I receive when viewing the OLA X’s packaging, is something a bit different from how starter kits are usually offered. The box is unique and to get to the product, another box holding the product will slide out to the right. You typically see this type of box being used with a clearomizer or rebuildable atomizer, but not a starter kit. Pulling out the box portion that holds the product, everything is neatly packaged inside a black foam material. As you would expect, it has precise cuts in the foam to be sure the product doesn’t move when packaged.

There are three things offered in this starter kit, the OLA X battery, the OLA X Tank and an OLA X retractable USB cable. To start off with, the battery looks great, and I do mean really great. The battery is covered with a female on her knees, in nothing but her bra and panties. It seems like she’s holding up some cheering flags while a soccer ball sits to the left of her. The graphic is nice, and I’m sure we all know by now that sex sells. On the top of the device sits an eGo connector, below it is the dial ring to change the voltage from 3.3 volts to 5.5 volts. Just below that is the fire button, and followed along beside is the MJTech logo.

The clearomizer offered with this starter kit is for once up to par with what I believe should be in a starter kit at this time of the e-cigarette market. It doesn’t look like any other clearomizer to me, so it’s fairly unique. The top has a Kayfun style drip tip that is removable and changeable. Below it on the removable top cap has indention’s to add to the appearance and below that is the pyrex glass tank, which is designed once again, unique. It has music notes printed on the glass that gives it a different look than most clearomizers you may see. Just below that is the labeling “OLA X” and beneath that is an adjustable airflow ring that allows you to change between four settings.

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ola x ecig


As you can already tell, this device is pretty nice. It gains a lot in unique points, but what makes it even better than something like the popular eGo-C Twist or Spinner, is that you can dial in all the way to 5.5 volts. To add to that, the bottom of the device has a micro-USB inlet that allows you to charge the device. By pressing the fire button 5x quickly, you can turn the device on and off. The fire button is some-what clicky, which adds to its value for me. When setting the device on its side, it doesn’t roll since the variable voltage dial ring has flat spots and prevents the device from moving.

The clearomizer is actually pretty damn nice. Trust me when I say this, you won’t get this type of clearomizer with any eGo-C Twist or Evod Starter Kit, that’s for sure. But to give an idea of the features, it has an enclosed coil housing, much like the Aspire coils and new Kanger coils. The coil that comes with the clearomizer is a low 1.5ohm’s, and the adjustable airflow is just an added bonus to this device so that you can create the best vape possible from this setup.

ola x battery and clearomizer


For the performance part of this starter kit, I have absolutely no complaints at all. There’s a nice size battery, it puts out up to 5.5 volts and the clearomizer is outstanding. The 1.5ohm coil really chucks out the clouds, and it wicks flawlessly from the time I’ve used it. I’m actually suprised by this kit and what it has to offer, so much so that I would recommend it over an Evod and the eGo-C Twist battery that I’ve raved about in the past.

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  • Tried to order this product from MJTech. Product price was good, but the lowest shipping price they offered was $150.00 via UPS. What gives?????

  • How do you buy your bloody products???? I just want to buy an ola x2.2T W starter kit. but it’s proving impossible. How do you actually sell stuff when the web page doesn’t allow you to simply buy the shit???

    • Well, being that this is a blog and not a store, you would have to visit a different website that sells products to buy something. lol

  • Thanks for the great review Blake, its really helpful. I’ve just recently bought some of these pens and they are good quality for the price! My only negative is that when I turn the temperature up or down there is no way to tell how hot it is, and the temp dial just keeps turning whichever way I turn it. Seems to be vaping my oil well though 🙂



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