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E-Cig Shop Owner and Lids Employee Arrested For Selling THC Wax

In the latest news, two men were arrested for selling THC Wax, which is a concentrated form of marijuana that allows users to eat or smoke it using a bong, or even vape it using an electronic cigarette.

One man, Norman Bosley, that was arrested is the owner of Vivid Vaping Company, which is an e-cigarette store at the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida. The other man who was arrested is an employee of Lids, which is a retail chain carrying sports and athletic gear.

The 57-year-old e-cig store owner was arrested for the sale of cannabis, possession of cannabis, delivery of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a shop for drug use. Bosley is listen as an officer of Vivid Vaping Company, LLC on the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations Website.

THC Wax is becoming very popular in states where so called ‘medical marijuana’ is produced and sold.  THC is highly concentrated in the wax which leads to quicker and more dangerous intoxication. If the marijuana amendment passes in Florida, we will see much more THC wax, highly potent marijuana edibles, higher THC content smoked marijuana, and all the problems associated with them. – Grady Judd, local Sheriff

How did they get caught?  The detectives received a confidential tip that Norman Bosley was selling marijuana and THC wax out of his Vivid Vaping Company store at Eagle Ridge Mall. That said, the detectives sent out an undercover detective to make contact with Bosley. undercoverThe shop owner freely discussed the use of THC wax in e-cigarettes with the undercover officer, and during the conversation, he opened a drawer behind the display counter and removed a plastic sheet with “dab wax” on it. Bosley then gave the THC wax to the detective and also further discussed a sell of the wax at a later date.

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The THC is the very chemical that gets users high. Marijuana wax can be as much as 80% pure THC, and is considered the most powerful marijuana concentrate on the market.

Continuing, the undercover detective later met with the store owner, Bosley, at his Vivid Vaping Company shop to purchase the THC wax. Bosley then negotiated the purchase of a gram of THC wax for $50, and then escorted the undercover detective to the “Lids” store, which was also located in the mall. He then introduced the undercover detective to 24-year-old Davod Starr, which was an employee of the Lids store. Starr then went into the back room and returned to the gentlemen with THC wax, which he then sold to the undercover detective. During the process, Bosley waited along side as the two went through with the drug transaction, and then both Bosley and the detective returned to the Vivid Vaping Company store.

On future occasions, undercover detectives purchase THC wax from Starr two more times, again at the Lids store and once away from the mall.

As you would expect, both Norman Bosley and Devan Starr were both contacted on September 17th, 2014 by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives after arriving at Eagle Ridge Mall, and then were arrested without incident.

My only response to this: Absolute idiots…

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