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Vape Shop Burglarized, Loses $14K in Cash and Inventory

A vape shop was burglarized and thief stole more than $14K in cash and inventory.

On November 6th, the Vaping Vault, which is located in Linglestown, PA., shared on its official Facebook page that their brick & mortar vape shop would be closed that night due to reasons that would follow after detectives left the building. However, they did include to “please be on the lookout for anyone selling steampunks gold and stainless nemmys tesla d1 and d2 and m7 kits stilares tesla m7.”

The next day local news broke out with the event that took place…

Someone forcibly entered the Vaping Vault, what they believe was between 9PM on the 5th and 4PM on the 6th, according to a police news release. The burglary involved more than $14,000 total from stolen cash and inventory. Products stolen include Steampunk, Nemesis, and Tesla Mods, among more.

After the event, Lower Paxton Township Police were investigating the burglary, and just 3 days later after the event took place, they already caught the suspect and has taken him into custody. Unfortunately, there are no further details on the suspect.

The owner of the Vape shop later shared the news on his Facebook business page.

This is unbelievable!!!! LPPD took into custody a suspect that burglarized the Vaping Vault. The detective told me that the success of this investigation was all possible do to the leads from the Vaping Community… WE ARE FAMILY!!!!! Thank You everyone it would not have happened without you.

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