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5 Great Vape Related New Year’s Resolutions
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5 Great Vape Related New Year’s Resolutions

At each year’s ending, we all come up with a resolution that will help improve or change our future.  For most of us it’s all about self-improvement, such as a new year’s resolution to lose weight or setting a goal to visit this place or that place.  To keep things vape related on this site, we’re going to list 5 great vape related new year’s resolutions that will surely improve or change your future.

1. Lower Nicotine Level

The electronic cigarette industry has shifted directions and the users are slowly fading away from being so reliant on nicotine.  Make it your new year’s resolution to lower your nicotine level, even if it takes dropping your level over a course of time.  If you’ve been vaping for some time now and have an advanced device, chances are you will hardly notice a difference in your vape.

2. Visit At Least 1 Vape Convention

There are many vapers that haven’t been to a vaping meet, much less a vape convention.  Make it a goal for yourself to visit at least 1 vape convention in 2015.  The experience is uplifting and exciting, and you definitely won’t regret a few days vacation in a vaping oasis.  If your funds are holding you back, join some Facebook groups, connect with other vapers and you may just find someone near you that’s going and can give you a ride.  To make things cheaper for myself, I took a local vaper with me to VCCTN2014 and we split the hotel cost, which allowed me to spend more at the convention!

3. Participate In Vaping Advocacy / Awareness

Even if you don’t contact your federal representatives or senators, make it a new year’s resolution to do some good for the vaping industry by participating in vaping advocacy.  A great way to start is by learning more about and joining the organizations that have been fighting for our right to vape, such as  Even if you don’t join an organization, you can still promote the benefit of electronic cigarettes by informing your family and friends.


4. Try New E-Liquid Flavors

If you’re like myself, you’re more comfortable sticking to flavors that you just know works for you, and don’t want to venture off too much in search for all-day-vapes.  Though searching for a new all-day-vape can have you scrounging pennies from the couch cushions, it could also introduce a new and heightened experience that you would have otherwise never encountered.  The great thing about vaping is that there are tons and tons of flavors, and there’s always going to be something else out there that you’ll enjoy.  Settling for the same flavor over a course of time will make you immune to that flavor.  Take my word for it, when you get to that point and then find another flavor you’re comfortable with, it’s the most delicious and satisfying vape ever since you’re revitalizing those taste buds with something new.

5. Meet New Vapers

What I’ve found to be one of the best things about vaping is meeting new vapers.  This industry is growing quickly and chances are, you have a neighbor that vapes also.  The best way to meet new vapers is joining a Facebook group that is vape related for your area or go to a local shop or vape meet.  What I’ve done is started holding vape meets for my local area and it has given me the opportunity to meet many new friends that vape and people I can call up anytime for vape discussions.

Maybe something in this list will become your new year’s resolution, maybe not.  If anything, Guide To Vaping wishes you a happy new year!

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