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10 Best Inexpensive Mechanical Mods
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10 Best Inexpensive Mechanical Mods

2. FUhattan Mechanical Mod

FuhattanThere’s quite an interesting story behind this device that has left many consumers speculating on what really happened and why the FUhattan has such an aggressive name.  Just to give you a brief back-story, Ameravape, the creators of the Manhattan had a disagreement with its machinist, didn’t pay for some 200 units, and tricked the machinist owner’s son out of a royalty deal, which left the machinist a bit heated, as you would expect.  The machinist then made minor improvements to the device and started selling them himself on Ebay at a lower cost to the public. Obviously, China got word of the hype and began its clone frenzy.

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This rather interesting story leads us to what is known as the FUhattan.  The FUhattan has various finishes that adds to it’s already simple and sleek appearance, but it gained its glory mostly due to the same reasons as the Manhattan… the controversy.  Don’t let that line fool you though, the vaping community feels that its easily one of the best mods on the market, and I think a lot of that streams from its minimalist design.  Performance is another key component to this device, much like any.  The FUhattan is one of the hardest hitting devices currently on the market.  You can expect a device that measures 1 inch in diameter, its housing walls are thick to increase durability and conductivity and a powerful rare-earth magnet sits in the bottom with a built in fail-safe to give you peace of mind.

That isn’t all that has made the FUhattan what it’s become today; its packaging has made quite the talk within the vaping community.  To mimic the Manhattan’s packaging, the front of the box says “AmeraClone Technologies,” a man’s face covers the front while his hand is in full view with his middle finger pointed up.  The lower portion of the box says “The Fuhattan” and under it says “Shiny Metal Tube”.  Through the packaging there’s interesting details that’s stranded back that is followed by an interesting story that has been the talk of the community this past year.

FUhattan Mechanical Mod (Black): GET IT HERE

FUhattan Mechanical Mod: MORE COLOR OPTIONS

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  • The only thing is, is most of these mods you can find on fast tech for very cheap. Why not do an article about the 10 least expensive authentic mechanical mod?

    • I personally couldn’t agree with you more Paul but as with most of these Vape Deal websites or mod blogs they have all been sponsored by FastTech or any one of the many Chinese marketeers.
      There are actually a lot of inexpensive authentic mechanical mods out these days whether they’re authentic US or authentic China made they are their authentic and not clones.

  • There are a lot of US sites that offer great inexpensive mech mods. I feel like the writer was just too lazy to do any real research. Check out Angelcigs, 101 Vapes, Sweet Vapes, etc. You can even get some pretty good deals on ebay.
    Shame on you for sending everyone straight to Fasttech for everything where everyone knows you take a chance of hit or miss when buying from them.

    • That isn’t the case at all. I wasn’t being lazy – in fact, posts about products are the easiest to write about. I linked to FastTech because the lowest price someone can get is typically what is wanted. Trust me, I can link to plenty of other sites, but many find themselves looking for the absolute best deal, and that is what I offered.

      • I’m very confused, as the lancelot, vapesirs, is created by Jason borne, out of the phillipines… missouri??? where’d that come from?

        • That’s what I found with research. I’m pretty sure that’s right, but I would have to research again to become more familiar with it and where it came from. After thousands of posts, it’s easy to forget many factors — I apologize.

    • well the glas are DEFINITELY clones those are fuckin 375 dollar mods made out of grade 5 stainless steel with a saphire built into the button soooooo

  • Just so that you know… for the FUhattans that you linked are actually a clone of a clone. The ones that have 1/1 on the button is the original Manhattan clone… the one with the mickey mouse doing the middle finger are clones of a clone. not that its a problem, but just thought people should know.

    • Sorry George but you are soooo wrong,the original fu hattans was Manhattan mods that Av didn’t pay the company renamed them and sold them to make up for lost revenues.



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