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MadVapes Continues Growth, Opens 28th Store

The name that has become a staple within the electronic cigarette industry and a company that has been known for being “the web’s largest and most popular vape shop since 2009” has continued its growth throughout the years, now in plans to open its 27th and 28th store, with many more to follow.

MadVapes quickly became one of the largest stores on the Internet because of its offering of a wide selection of vape products, ranging from mods, to e-liquid and even a hefty selection of ‘do-it-yourself’ products.  As a result of this success, MadVapes began opening brick and mortar stores in 2013, its first store being located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Once the fire was lit, someone would have to be hell-bent on stopping it, because they’re now located all over the Carolinas and can be seen as far north as Massachusetts and as far west as Texas.

We are proud of our Madvapes Licensee program as it offers private investors an unmatched and simple solution to opening a world-class electronic cigarette and vape shop.

The widespread of locations has come from the success of MadVapes Licensee Program, which allows those looking to open a store of their own to use the most popular MadVapes name, along with offering the best products on the market through its sister wholesale company.

MadVapes is also planning to open two more locations this week; one in Charlotte, NC that is scheduled to open this weekend, and a the second location in Mooresville, NC.  MadVapes plans to continue its growth and expanding into Florida and other locations across the country.

Our goal is to offer independent vape shop owners the opportunity to become MadVapes stores, giving them the best selection of products, pricing and customer service. Having the best customer service has been the foundation of MadVapes, so we assist our licensee partners in ongoing training and support.

madvapes-statsAs a new vaper and a customer of MadVapes back in 2011, I remember visiting the store and being bombarded with a massive selection of vape products, as well as looking to its right sidebar and seeing stats being flaunted.  Over a long period of time from visiting the MadVapes store, I would gaze to that sidebar and continuously see those processing orders, orders shipped and amount of registered customers rise, which blew my mind.  At that time, and still to this day, I see MadVapes as one of the largest and best all-in-one shops, both on and offline.


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