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List of Different RDA Coil Configurations
list of different coil configurations
Advanced Rebuildables

List of Different RDA Coil Configurations

Though sub-ohm clearomizers have bombarded the vaping market, rebuildable dripping atomizers still continue to be a hot product and way of vaping, proving that they’re not just some fad.  Since we know this will be a consistent product, why not put your time and skills to the test by building some of the most beautiful, the most well performing and the most intricate coils this industry has ever seen.  To help you get started, we’re going to create a list of different RDA coil configurations.  Choose one and master it or set a goal and build them all.  Feel free to let us know which you’ve felt performs they best.

Note: Thanks to those who have created and shared these coil building tutorials.  Feel free to visit their channel and get more coil building tutorials and information.

Micro Coil Build


Macro Coil Build

Nano Coil Build

Super Nano Coil Build

Center Coil Build

Tin Man Coil Build

Spaced Coil Build

Flat Bastard Coil Build

Spiral Wire Build

Twisted Coil Build

Parallel Coil Build

Sleeper Coil Build

Stove Top Coil Build

Hurricane Coil Build

Inception Coil Build

Abyss Coil Build

West Coast Vape Supply

Clapton Coil Build

Fuzed Clapton Coil

Agro Coil Build

Transformer Coil Build

Stapled Tiger Coil Build

Diamond Coil Build

Vertical Coil Build

Juggernaut Coil Build

Jumbo Coil Build

Tidal Wire Coil Build

Staple Coil Build

Zipper Coil Build

Stapled Helix Coil Build

Chuck Norris Coil Build

Crown Coil Build

Chain Coil Build

Caterpillar Track Coil Build

Staged Heating Coil Build

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