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Volcano Ecigs LavaTube 3 Coming Soon

Here’s a company we haven’t heard from in a while.  Volcano Ecigs was at the top of the market when it released its LavaTube Mod.  During this time Variable Voltage barely existed, and the device that did carry the feature were highly priced.  The LavaTube introduced the Variable Voltage feature to consumers at an amazingly low price, since it outsourced the manufacturing of the device to our friends in China.  They then released the LavaTube Chrome version, and gained even more popularity and hype when it released the LavaTube 2.  The LavaTube 2 introduced a much better appearance, sporting fancy anodized colors on an aluminum bodied tube mod and etchings in the device to give some flavor.  Volcano Ecigs was certainly in the spotlight for a couple of years, but as the market progressed, it didn’t hold the same shine.

With that said, Volcano Ecigs is back at it again to deliver yet another tube mod, but with a more modern and familiar chip, as well as being one of the most appealing tube mods I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.  My fellow vapers, I introduce to you the LavaTube 3 by Volcano Ecigs!

lavatube 3

The LavaTube 3 has been completely redesigned, now featuring an authentic DNA40 Chip, Temperature Control, a nice and bright OLED screen, and many “grip” color options that has all been packed into a lightweight body.  The LavaTube 3 sports a lightweight body that has been precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum. For easier charging, the LavaTube 3 also comes packed with a micro-USB charging port.

The bottom portion of the LavaTube 3 has interchangeable rubber grips to give the device a personal touch of your own flavor.  These colors include Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White.

lavatube 3 features


This device sparks a lot of questions during this time of the vaping market.  Is it too little, too late?  – Are tube mods a thing of the past, is the DNA40 Chip still in demand after Yihi bombarded the chip manufacturing market with the Pioneer4You iPV4 and SX Mini M-Class, and will this device be offered at an affordable price like Volcano Ecigs has done with past devices?  –  I’m honestly not sure if I can go back to using a tube mod these days, but it definitely has my interest seeing the DNA40 chip being offered in a tube mod… which I believe is a first.  The device itself looks great, it’s very appealing and the rubber grips that are interchangeable is a nice touch for some customization.  I’ve owned all 3 of the LavaTube’s that has been created, and even the LavaTube Mini, which was a shortened clone version of the original LavaTube, so I don’t really see why I should stop now, right?

What are your thoughts on this device?  Love it or hate it?

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  • I’ve been thinking I wanted to add a sexy, regulated tube to the mix. If the price is right, this might be the one…

  • I am just dying for this to come out. I have the Lavatube 2.5 and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I started vaping almost a year ago. I personally don’t care how much it is. I WANT IT!! LOL

  • The screen on the above photo doesn’t look like the actual screen. The actual screen looks more in line with the dna screens you’ve come to love…lol



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